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Anyone Know A Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by JustCruisin, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. I'm looking into purchasing a new Yamaha MT-07LA with ABS & I was wondering if anyone knows a dealer with reasonable to good customer service? I've tried Bikebiz, they're a bunch of d**ks eager to get off the phone quick & hung up on me three times. I've also tried Sydney City Motorcycles in Kogarah & the guy I spoke to was a little bit better, relatively no issues there but I still feel like I need to shop somewhere where I feel that I'm not gonna be bombarded with issues later on. Any help &/or advice will be appreciated. Cheers.

  2. Yes but in Victoria. ......
  3. Bummer...
  4. No personal experience, but many seem to like Trooper Lu's I think at Liverpool.
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  5. I hav found scm pretty good.

    Trooper lu carries Yamaha but i havent dealt with them. So does ric andrews in Gosford

    I would go in and make a connection. Phone is for flakes.
  6. You've got to remember that on the phone for new bike sales they'd get a lot of dreamers and people who aren't seriously looking not saying that it's right for them to treat you like that but go in store and have a chat and show your serious and you'll likely get better treatment.
  7. Plus you might get a test ride.

    Take a thousand in cash show them and say you are wanting to put down a deposit that will get a test ride more likely if they have a test bike.
  8. Thanks for the response guys. I'm going in to take a test ride at Bikebiz.
  9. & If I find they treat me differently in a good way, I might consider them. If not, I'll try SCM.
  10. Trooper Lu's mate. Skip Bikebiz.
  11. We've always dealt with Readfords but they are in Dubbo and have fantastic customer service.
  12. I went to both SCM kograh and bikebiz. I bought from bikebiz because they had a second hand model on hand. Bikebiz offered free delivery, but, then said the guy was off and they had no one to deliver for a while. I ended up picking it up as I was in a hurry to get it. Actually they had me wait around for a while to talk to this person and that and I found that to be crap and time consuming.

    I continue to go into SCM Kograh to pick a few things up and talk to the sales guys, a couple continue to offer advice to me even though they know I bought from somewhere else eg about lowering mods etc. I even had a chat to someone in the service department for 15mins about options and he gave me some tips. There spare parts ordered me in some things and texted me when they came in. I haven't serviced my mt-07 yet and I am not sure of going to either as a friend has put me on to another mechanic.

    Now that I reflect I think I had better service at SCM Kograh.
  13. Trooper Lu's at Moorebank is excellent
  14. I recommend Trooper Lu's and also Team moto Blacktown, have bought from both and only had good experience with them. Shop between them all for the best price as it depends if they want to get rid of stock or the salesman needs to up his quota for the month.

    I remember walking around the showroom at Bikebiz ready to put down a deposit and being ignored by everyone there despite it being quiet
  15. I bought my current bike from Bikebiz Parramatta via online and over the telephone. I was after a second-hand Yamaha XJ6NL; they asked if I would be interested in a new MT-07 instead but no bad sales pressure when I declined.

    The service I received was good. I bought the bike for cash so didn't need to arrange finance which made things simpler. Bikebiz arranged transport to my home address and I received the bike as advertised; very happy with it all.

    On the basis of that I've bought several small accessories online from Bikebiz and service has been consistent. I've also had servicing, modifications and other accessory purchases from Readford's Motorcycle Centre at Dubbo (mentioned previously in this thread) and would definitely purchase from them again too - excellent service.

    I've also purchased accessories and a leather jacket online from Sydney City Motorcycles. The jacket was too big and there was no problem in returning and exchanging it for the right size, again good service given. I would (and will) purchase again from any of these three dealers.
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  16. On two wheels in Campbelltown are really good. Helped me pick out my first bike and have sold my in laws about 10 bikes over the last few years
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  17. You should never ever have to put down a deposit to test ride a bike at a dealer!!

    All the dealers Ive been to are more then happy to throw you the key to the bike and to ride it.
  18. +1 On two wheels at campbelltown !
    I nearly bought from bikebiz parra, they fed me bullshit over year model and price, went to on two wheels, they beat bikebiz's price by $400 and after sales service has been great.