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Anyone know a really stunning hike in the blue mountains?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deXtrous, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hey folks. Thought this would be a good forum to ask this on as I know you guys like the smell of fresh air :LOL:

    I want to take the girlfriend on a really nice walk in the bush to reignite her passion for nature, as is mine. Anyone know a nice (short, around 2 hours) walk we can go on? Stunning views a must! :)

    I know a couple longer ones but she doesn't walk often so I'm sure she'll get exhausted after a couple hours.

    Thanks folks :)

  2. - Lawson Waterfalls.
    - 6 foot track is nice at either end, just go as far as you want and turn back.
    - Glenbrook National Park has some nice trails.
  3. Darwin walk in wentworth falls, about 5k's return takes you to wentworth falls and wentworth pass to the bottom of the falls. From there there are a bunch of trails. Definitely worth while.
  4. Thanks guy :) Thought asking would be kind of a long shot but you pulled though!

    Both suggestions look great and very scenic! Will definitely hit them both up.
  5. (y)
    Cool mate.