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Anyone know a good BIKE Auto Electrician

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kwaker1K, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. I have a electrical fault in my ZXR750.Does anyone know of a auto elec or similar that understands the ignition system of the ZXR?

    I was referred to one guy but he wants to make enough money of the job to retire. :LOL:
  2. thanks for the idea twist. :)
  3. Mate, I used a motorcycle autoelectrician a few years back, I think called AEC... I'll have to dig around the receipts to find out, because I can't seem to track them down with my searches.

    Give Vic motorcycle wreckers a call, they put me onto this mob and they did a good job.

    They're out Vic MC's way though, so not around the corner.

    Good luck
  4. Scott Webster at West Gippsland Auto Electrics, in Pakenham will be able to help. He is a keen bike racer and knows his stuff. Fair way to go, for you, but at least you wont get ripped off.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. :)
  6. Woohoo :dance:

    Congratulations bro :grin: \:D/

    Now THAT was a good suprise!!!! I'll ring or send you a
    message tomorrow OK.

    <Not that I can recall Pete>
  7. [​IMG]

    After I spoke to you, I [​IMG] my bro I was talking about & he
    said he gets it at 3500 but not to the same extent you described
    to me.

    Nuffin to worry bout as Ben Dover said, but something to sort out
    somehow if he/it is becoming a pain in the butt hole.

    Nothing for me thanx. Just checked. [​IMG]