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Anyone know a good bass teacher in Melbourne's west?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    My 14yo son has recently taken up the bass guitar, he is teaching himself to play on my 20year old bass and amp...learning songs from sites like tabs and youtube etc.

    He is actually getting pretty good, so a couple of weeks ago we went shopping and put a deposit on a new bass (Xmas present), but I want him to learn to play properly, there is only so much you can learn from the web.

    Anyone know of a good teacher / school that I can take him to?
  2. My brother's a musician/music teacher and he teaches the guitar at a music school. Along with a whole bunch of other things.

    I'm sure he'd be happy to teach your son or at least put you in charge of a very good guitarist who would. Probably good to cut out the middle man of a school.

    Send me a PM and you can have a chat to my brother about it.
  3. ok, speaking as a bass player of 12 years and as a teacher as well, do not go for a guitar teacher as a substitute for a real bass player.

    i know you mean well nakkas, but guitar teachers seem to have a habit of pushing bass players into a simplified root note oriented concept of bass playing, which in the long term is boring and uninspiring.

    you should look for bass player with an understanding of chord - scale relationships. if your son is only just starting its a perfect time to drill in some theory before he gets too settled in the inherent pattern based nature of the bass. its extremely easy to fall into the habit of playing patterns without knowing what notes youre playing, and its limiting in the long term. theres plenty of players that go through the melbourne universities doing a BMus and they almost all teach.

    id love to help you out, but youre in the wrong city. im still happy to post up info you need here
  4. None taken mate.

    My brother is doing the BMus at Melbourne and many of them play in a band. I'm talking from the point of view that $80/h to a music school is a bit of a rip off when you can give $30-40 or whatever to a student.
  5. I have heard good things about Pat Farrell in Yarraville, (if that's close by) a quick google search will turn his number up.

    At this stage technique is the most important thing, so to avoid injury later on & it will also makes it much easier to play.

    I too play bass, but in terms of skill I fear your 14 year old is already ahead of me, so there's probably not much I could teach him! :LOL:

    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the replies and advice guys,

    Nakkas - will pm you
    gsxxer - some good advice there
    MV - will look him up
  7. Simon, have a look on www.melband.com.au as well.

    You can also enquire at The Bass Player in South Melbourne.

    If anyone knows of a decent teacher in the Altona Meadows area... I'm all ears/fingers.

  8. Yep, thanks Rob - I found their site a couple of hours ago and have joined the forum (just waiting for the confirmation email). Seems that alot of muso's offer their services as teachers for some extra cash, just got to find the right one.

    How is your own bass playing going? I saw a pic of your bass in your thread when I was searching...very nice mate =P~
  9. MV - I couldn't find anything on Pat Farrell :?

    Going to head down to The Bass Player at some stage today.

    Nakkas - PM on its way.