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Anyone just wear armour on hotdays?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dane75, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Just curious if anyone has ditched the leathers on hot days and just worn armour under a long sleeve shirt? I know the slide protection wouldn't be that great but to me it seems it would keep most areas off the bitchumen and at least has good spine shoulder and elbow protection.

    Was looking at something along the lines of this: http://bikersgearaustralia.com/deta...TU4OQ==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    Mainly cause some of the super hot days riding home 65kms down the highway gets a little annoying in full leathers.

  2. Gday,

    Have you thought about a Mesh jacket? At least with a mesh jacket they will offer amour protection that is CE level 1 rated and are very cool in summer and are a great alternative to leathers in summer.
    Joe Rocket have a nice mesh jacket that is cool in summer.
    Its the UFO mesh one.

    Some other manufactures also have a great mesh jackets as well.
    The armour you listed didnt seem to be CE rated as well.
    Cheers Paul.
  3. I've done it, and it is reasonably cool, but not that safe. The mesh wouldn't hold together long enough IMO. I'm thinking of trying one of Draggin's long sleeve Kevlar T's over the top - abrasion protection, and the mesh might help limit kevlar burns.
  4. I have a thick heavy leather jacket for winter and an alpinestar mesh jacket for summer. Super cool, light weight and above all plenty of padding and armour.
  5. Yep I sure do.

    I wear a tshirt with Icon Field Armour Elbow. Then have a Draggins K-Shirt on over the top. Then over the top of that a Icon Field Armour Vest.

    I tried the vest under the K-Shirt but fit of the K-Shirt wasn't great.

    It's cool and lets air in but still deflects most the hot air blast. And there's no bulky jacket feel.
  6. BMW Airshell jacket =D>

    Year round jacket, mesh (with armour) for summer, padded & waterproof lining for cooler and winter days. Well designed and very comfortable to wear (y)
  7. I have an older Draggin' jacket - the jacket is linen with kevlar lining where you need it and has body armour.

    Very good airflow when moving but since it's black can get pretty hot if you are stopped.

    The current lightest one is the Ultra-Lite model which has CE approved body armour available. The new Draggin Jeans fabric is far better than the older ones and is a lot softer against bare skin.
  8. that one you've linked looks like cheap junk MADE IN CHINA!...can't find a CE rating either.

    try this one> http://www.ridersdiscount.com/offroad-gear/protection-adult/97658.php

    i bought that one about a month back and it's excellent...it was the best i could find, short of dainese with impregnated aluminium, but dainese are very pricey.
    but the Fox one, very pleased with it, very well armoured, shit hot back protector, even decent kidney protection, comfortable and easy to adjust whilst you're wearing it, unlike some of these rigs...can highly reccommed it... i think it worked out to about 170au$ delivered to my local post office...but it came in a big ****ing cardboard box though, so i had to stand up all the way home.
    i found the sizing charts spot on as listed on that site, perfect fit...just be sure to check your measurements...theres a tape measure on your computer desk in front of you, between the box of tissues and the bottle of hand lotion...and the??...wtf is that???...looks like a giant latex arm??...
    Anyway, lets move along then shall we...

    mesh jackets, i have and older style Teknic brand, held up well...the new ones look really good> http://www.teknicgear.com/superventpro

    another one i really like, though i have'nt actually seen one first hand...but it's fairly new to the market...and i've never bought from this site either, so can't vouch for it...but this is an interesting developement in summer riding gear from a Jap company, combining hard armour and mesh in a propper jacket..take a squiz here> http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=5913
  9. How good is that jacket?? thats awesome I d love to get a hold of that jacket, although it needs some different colours too...
    Also i love watching Brian Van do reviews on gear.

    Cheers Paul.
  10. i do the same, however i do miss the lacking shoulder protection as provided in jackets.
    i also wear the icon underwear armour. jks.
  11. Just thinking out loud here since that is designed for offroad use and stuff like this one here..


    is designed for the street.. i would be inclined to get something like the alpinestars one.. particularly since it has level 2 CE back protector incorporated in it..

  12. I considered that too.

    See, here's the thing for me. My usual jacket is a Dririder non-mesh. Great jacket but I sweat in anything over 26-27, get hot and distracted, fatigued.

    In anything hot I go my Kshirt/Icon combo and I'm not sweating and feel fine.

    So for me, the trade off of losing shoulder armour is balanced out by being in condition not to be sweating or fatigued and make a mistake in the first place.

    That's my personal choice and how I reason it.
  13. thanks for the replies guys, you have all covered the top half... what do you do for the bottom half? Draggins or similar?
  14. Well i have got a set of these to wear under my Hornee jeans although after some reads in places im not 100 % happy with them so ill be looking at draggins.

    Also I might look at a set of over pants to go over a set of jeans something like


    Cheers Paul.
  15. I wear this OVER my bikegearaustralia kevlar cargos..


    they was $65 US from Ridersdiscount.. really solid constuction attach very securely.. but still slip a bit when walking around never move when riding tho.. make me feel alot safer at least..

    The con is that they get a bit hot when stationary however once moving the air gets through fine.. even on a 600k ride in 35 degrees i did the other week..

  16. Draggins KLegs, touring boots, Icon Field Armour Knee.

    Again, bottom gets good airflow. Knee and below it's all leather boots and knee armour, one place I don't change my level of protection, summer or winter.
  17. http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/textile-octane-jacket.html

    I use this jacket in summer. Mesh overlay over armour. Back, shoulders and elbows. Very light and breathable.

    I came off in 2008 wearing one of these jackets and the only damage (apart from my pride) was a tear in the arm where I landed first and a wonky zipper from sliding along on my chest. Did its job!

    As for my legs and feet. I put up with the heat when it comes to knees and ankles and don't compromise in those areas, they are a biatch to heal up and a lifetime of problems. Kevlar pants and decent boots.
  18. if i am going for a decent spin it's still leathers with back protector underneath, don't care how hot it is