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Anyone into Aquariums here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by KharmaKazi, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. as the title states, anyone into Aquariums on this forum ?

    it's been one of my major hobbies for around 12-15 years now.

    it all started off when i bought a cpl of Axolotls and it sky rocketed from there.
    sold the Axolotls and then got into keeping and breeding fish and especially live Aquarium plants and mosses etc.
    at one stage i had 7 tanks running ranging from 2 foot to 5 foot long.
    i have now kept quite a variety of different fish ranging from Wild caught Discus, to small tetras and freshwater shrimps etc etc...

    i have since sold all my tanks except for the one Custom tank i'm still running atm as it got too much work for me when i had them all up and running.
    it was like come home from work to start work again to keeping the tanks running properly.
    my current tank was custom built to fit the old planter box it's sitting on.
    it's just under 4ft long, but a pretty tall tank and holds approx 400ltrs.

    here's a photo of when i was just starting to set it up


    and a current photo "needs to be thinned out"

    Tank 2   28-7-16.

    another shot of when i was keeping and breeding Crystal red Shrimps "the hundreds of red and white things are the shrimps" at feeding time.

    Shrimp Tank1    26-11-13.

    after i sold most of the shrimps and added some fish.
    Custom Tank 29-3-14.

    a macro pic of one of the female shrimps with eggs "they grow to around 2 - 2.5cm when fully grown"

    Berried CRS 1.
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  2. i used to have about 20 aquariums crammed into the spare bedroom at one stage, the mrs loved that lol
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  3. Here's the one at my place - smallish one - probably 30-40 litres I think.
    It had 4 minnows, 4 golden danios and 4 bitterlings and a bunch of snails but I'm not sure what variety...

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  4. My wife has been keeping fish for over 20 years. It's taken that long to get down from four tanks to one.....
  5. I am an ex fish keeper, like you had multiple fresh water tanks on the go at one stage with Amazon fish in softer water and African cichlids in harder water tanks. Then we moved and the new house didn't lend itself to fish keeping anymore so I got out of it. I certainly miss them, much more entertaining than the TV.
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  6. I prefer my fish crumbed.
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  7. You have done very well with your planting. Something I always had trouble with, cichlids take great delight in just ripping them up. I think it is a defensive thing they like to be able to see approaching predators. Even with relatively benign Amazon basin fish it is one thing I could never get right. Of course since I was keeping fish lighting has improved significantly. Do you use liquid fertiliser supplements?
  8. I used to be into aquariums for a few years, until one day there was a knock at the door:


    Oh well, bikes it is now :shifty:
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  9. #9 BitSar, Sep 13, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016

    I used to keep Cichlids too in a 300L - quite a challenge.
    Not just in keeping the water buffered correctly - more so keeping the Agro to a manageable level.

    Also had an Amazonian river tank with catfish and Loaches.
    I'll take it up again later in life and will do a nice 8 foot river tank, planted like yours KharmaKaziKharmaKazi

    I assume you're using CO2 and a heated bed?
    Looks awesome dude.
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  10. I like looking at fish but the first thing that popped into my little brain was this

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  11. Yes your plantings are awesome. Could never get anything to grow in ours!! We gave up on fish a while back (goldfish even died!)....now we just have a yabbie and he is a cranky shite!!!!
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  13. One of my friends had many years of aquariums...

    ... every week he'd go to the aquarium, buy some fish, spend a day or two acclimatising them, put them in only to have some little shark type fish he had kill the newcomers... I don't think he ever found compatible fish...

    We had neon tetra's when we were kids, used to like those guys.
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  14. #14 KharmaKazi, Sep 13, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
    yep can get quite addictive hey lol

    thats not a bad ratio hornethornet :)

    i hate snails with a passion specspec :( "especially cone snails" they are so hard to eradicate, some loaches will eat them but not usually cone snails, they are also prolific breeders and can ruin a tank.
    they are good for aerating the substrate though. my current tank has pond snails, but not too hard to keep them under control ;)

    specspec if you want some ferns/mosses etc i'm going to thin my tank out shortly, i can chuck some in the post for you if you like "no charge" very easy to grow ;)
    although a different fluoro tube might help you, that's very purple

    love the Amazon fish cjvfrcjvfr there are some real stunners in the mix also love African cichlids too they have some stunning colours, but they are definitely not plant friendly lol, nor is the hard water that is needed to keep Africans.
    in Adelaide our water is well suited to Cichlids. but a bit needs to be done to keep softer water fishes.
    it's not impossible to keep some plants with Cichlids, but it's very hard and they would probably end up destroying them :( but how good would a fully planted Cichlid tank look.
    the lighting has now improved, lots of LED versions around, I still use T5 fluoros though as iv'e had pretty good success with them.
    the trick is matching the amount of light and colour of the lighting to the type of plants you keep, and also getting the fertilizers right in a highly lit planted tank.
    if you also go with a higher lit tank, you really need to add Co2.
    the first and second pics are with Co2 injected, high light and ferts added. "i mix my own from powdered hydroponics fertilizers"
    the other pics below that are low light, barely and ferts added and no Co2.

    cant say iv'e ever seen it done like that NedNed, i used to dabble a bit myself in my younger days :p

    id'e love to swap water perams with you BitSarBitSar, from what iv'e read you Vics have nice soft water "more suited to what i keep" :)
    love the look of Cichlids though. as for the agro, yep you need to choose your fish wisely ;) and plenty of hiding spots are the go...

    yep a classic movie lol SibiSibi

    thanks caz64caz64, as above you need to match your conditions to the type of plants you want to grow, and some dodgy Aquarium shops sell pond plants as aquarium plants too which will never grow if completely submerged under water.
    they will just slowly rot away and foul up the water.
    sing out if you ever want to give it another go and i'll try to help out ;)

    yep you need to do your research 69SIM69SIM bit of a nooby mistake there lol can be a costly one too.
    some of my old fish i used to keep cost me over $300 for a single fish so you want to make sure you get it right :p
    neons are a great looking fish, there are some new colours around these days too ;)
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  15. Some fern would be nice :)
    The light tube on it is white, I guess the purple plastic on it doesn't help the reflected colour though. The bottom part is translucent.
    It might be time to change the tube anyway, it's been I think 2 years since I last changed it...
  16. You're not wrong about the soft water in Melb - we are lucky for sure.

    For the River tank I'd just fill a large container (chopped plastic drum) with water and leave an airstone and powerhead in it for 2 - 3 days to let the chlorine degrade.

    Done and done, no buffer, no salts - nothing. Fish were thriving.
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  17. no probs, just message me the address you want them sent to and i'll get some goodies off to you early next week.
    ah ok i see now, i thought the light was tube was purple :p for T8 tubes i found bunnings to be good and cheap "grolux tubes are good if you can get em" lots cheaper than what the aquarium shops want to charge ;)

    you are so lucky with soft water :)
    yep pretty much what i do with the water too, but i use a 220ltr drum and and also heat it to tank temp and age it for a week as i do weekly 200ltr water changes.
    the substrate i use also softens the water a little too.
    the water out of the tap here is around pH 7.6 :( and very hard "pretty good for Africans"
    but adding the amount of injected Co2 i add lowers the pH to around pH 6.6 - 6.8 pretty good for what i want.
    when i was keeping my wild Discus i was running the pH at around pH4.6 - 5 but it was a challenge keeping it stable...
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  18. Sure, will send you a message - it'll be best to send it to my Cake shop address.
    I'll look up those lights from Bunnings - On my next shopping list :)
  19. no worries, will get em away early next week.
    as for the tubes anything around the 5000k to 10000k will do the job.
    but the lower the K "kelvin" rating the more pink the light will look to the human eye. 6000-8000k is good...
  20. found a picture of my filtration, Co2 and Automatic fertilizer dosing setup.
    have since changed the Co2 reactor style...

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