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Anyone interested in going for a ride Sunday 14/1/07 ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fuzz, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello people,
    Just wondered if anyone would be interested in going for a ride Sunday... I have not looked at the weather forecast yet... guess I am hoping it will be ok. If interested , any sugestions on where people would like to ride? I was thinking perhaps coastal? but not fussed.


  2. what level of rider are u Fuzz, theres a few of us Gippy people might be doing an impromptue ride from Gippy up aurthurs seat via hastings/flinders, were not sure yet, nothing too organised and speeds will be at the limit, probably not suitable for slower type riders.
  3. There is a specific forum for this stuff. And it aint this one.
  4. I wonder

    I wonder where the specific forum is for this stuff :?
  5. Moderator envy 'eh?

  6. Copied from the events forum....
  7. fuzz is a pretty good rider... went on the CV ride with jd, bugeater and myself........ last one i went on from memory, he'll be fine woodsy.... he's got some kawa-sake cruiser so not L's or P's
  8. Gegvasco runs and hides with tail between legs............... :bolt:

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :p :LOL:
  9. Hey Fuzz, where are you? Speak up. . . oh well, I will then.

    Fuzz has a new baby. A Ducati Monster. Now now Woodsy, calm down. We know how you feel about those. :grin:

    Anyway, the 14th is the first day Fuzz can ride the Ducati, as he is off restrictions. :cool:

    I'm interested Fuzz, either joining the Gippy folk or finding a different path. Let's see how many interested folk speak up.

    Oh, forcecast is good.
  10. hehe ride legally on a bigger bike right?
    one day till the weekend!
  11. Thanks caz,was going to post that myself :wink:
  12. Myself and a couple of other riders are going to leave Randwick at lunch-time and head south to the Royal National Park at Stanwell Tops, on Sunday.

    Anyone's welcome to join - the more the merrier.

    PM me for details if you're interested.
  13. Hello people... yeah I started in this forum as I had no real plan, and after reading the guidelines for posting events it seemed the right thing to do. I have taken out my new Ducati monster a couple of times (carefully) as I am not technicaly licenced as yet... but sunday I will be legal. Whilst I am still learning the bike, I am confident at regular road going speeds, took it through the twisty section from safety beach to mornington, comfortably at about 80 kph.... but as I need my licence for my job, I will not be speeding. I was out at a friends for dinner... he rides as well, and said that the lot he is with, think it is the Albert park mc.... are doing a ride leaving the mobil servo 10 am , western hwy and hopkins rd.... heading up that way, through mt macedon what not... may also be an option. The gippy to aurthers seat ride sounds good though. I will be at work today, when I get home I will check this forum... have a good day guys.

  14. Provided I get my bike back from the shop today I'll definitly be riding somewhere on Sunday, I was thinking of starting out along the same route as the full moon ride from a couple of weeks ago, up the back of Emerald to Gembrook, then accross to Healsville, up either myers or chum creek then on to Kinglake, down st andrews and back through christmas hills to Yarra Glen, back to Healsville then follow the reverse route home. I havent ridden up around Kinglake before so I'm looking forward to a bit of exploring. I'll check the forums tonight to see what others are thinking of doing and to confirm that i have by bike back,

  15. Well if you end up doing this then post it up as I may tag along, as may some other locals :cool:
  16. Bikes back from service and ready to tackle a good days riding come Sunday, I'll keep and eye on this thread to see what anyone else has in mind.

  17. going for a ride 14/1/07

    Andrew and all , bugger I have to be in Montrose on Sunday ,. would have caught up with everyone otherwise.

    After travelling down to 12 Apostles yesterday in the ute I may have to get a 2 day pass and ride out that way , GOR , Lavers Hill etc what a blast.
  18. Tis indeed a beautiful weekend for a ride. :grin: ;) :dance: :woot:
  19. I'll be up for it. in the arvo say after 3pm?
    Can somebody post up the general area of riding? I'll try to bump into yous and hopefully not get there just as the ride is ending.

    Monday is also looking extemely attractive too. Might have to ditch work for a bit :grin:
  20. Fuzz, firmed up any plans? Would be good to ride with you again, and also im.on.it and Pedro if they can make it.

    Arthur's Seat sounded like a good destination, as I haven't been down that way in ages. Woodsy's post disappeared, so I don't know what's happening there. 10:00am in Druin somewhere? But I don't know if it is going ahead.
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Not open for further replies.