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Anyone interested in doing a Netrider Secret Santa?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Anyone interested in doing a Netrider Secret Santa?

    Way it would work would be the following :-

    $20 limit on present cost.

    If you want to spend more I can't stop you, but remember this isn't a competition to see who can spend the most, it's a fun thing to do for the holidays. If you do want to buy something over the limit, please don't go overboard (unless you wanted to buy me a new BMW 1150 GSA)

    Email me your Netrider Nick, Real Name and Postal Address. (email addy being ozlegend@gmail.com)

    On December 12th I'll get the wife to randomly pair everyone up (since she doesn't read the forums she won't rig it). Then send you an e saying who you got, and their delivery details.

    Off you go and buy your person a present, hopefully reading through the forums to get a clue (i.e. eswen = chocolate)

    Then mail it out to that person, revealing no clues as to your identity.

    And if you sign up, you better be willing to actually send a gift. I won't look at the list, but I will get the wife to out the non-senders :)

    If you're interested, post up your an inner in this thread and send me an e at ozlegend@gmail.com. Didn't want to PM in case that box got flooded.

    I've done it with another forum (un-motorcycle related) with an as friendly bunch of people, it worked well and proved to be a good laugh.