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Anyone interested in an NFL Fantasy Football League

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by chilliman64, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Yes

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  1. I expect the funny dudes here will make some great posts about lingerie, hahahahaha go for it.

    for anyone else who may have an interest in FFL, would you want to have a league started and stick with it for the season?

    let me know if you're interested. a comfortable number of participants would be 8 to ten so everyone gets quality players but if interest is high we could squeeze in a few more.
  2. I think JeffcoJeffco might be all over this....
  3. Sorry FFL doesn't interest me as a spectator sport its a bit like beach volley ball, if its serious cover up pad up if not

    You may as well be doing this

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  4. you do know that FFL is not lingerie football?... it is a pointscoring competition where players pick teams from real NFL teams/games each week... sorry for stating the obvious but not sure from your post. they do pad up. it is NFL. Fantasy competitions exist for many different sports.
  5. Its the same fantasy & I still don't get it :)

    tipping completions I get, but this fantasy football stuff????????????????

    I listen to some people who do the AFL version and you'd think they were the coaches or majority stakeholders.

    So its all the same really, actually no Id probably be able to watch 5-10 mins of LF or BV

    I couldn't handle listening to 5 mins of FFL.

    FFL Dungeons & Dragons for Jocks :)
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  6. there's nothing to listen to. you pick your teams each week. any research you do is up to you.

    the whole premise of a FFL is that you have an interest in the sport from the outset, otherwise why would you participate in the league if you have no interest in the sport?

    so I guess after all that JeffcoJeffco you're totally not in the slightest bit interested in being part of it - thank you for your contribution!
  7. I was summoned and I came :greyalien:

    I responded to the original questions :wacky:

    As for talk that's the deal for fantasy football just like these guys on the AFL version Join Roy, Calvin and Warnie each week for the latest tips and tricks to boost your NAB AFL Fantasy squad.

    Anyway beam me up scotty :greyalien::greyalien:

    Good luck:happy:
  8. just wanted to make sure, I felt you were swaying towards getting involved :p thanks for dropping by!