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Anyone interested in a regular scooter racing club?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Hotcam, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hi folks

    I rode the Le Minz 50cc scooter-thon/race/event/thingy in '05 and '06 and
    had a heap of fun. Anyone interested in making a regular thing out of
    some shorter races? Maybe once each month or two-months?
    Is anyone already doing this that I can join in?

    PS congratulations to Netrider girls on a great effort and some fine riding
    and great sportsmanship (sportswomanship?)
  2. hello--- what team did you ride with in scooter thon? hope you were not one of the guys i overtook--ehehee :grin:

    WHY dont you take up pocket bike racing? its lotsa fun and we ride on south morang track every month-- so all that riding over and over and over and over and over and over again means that you will know the track very well!!!!
  3. I rode '05 with Bolwell Shark and '06 with SCP Vino (yes I probably
    was overtook by you, I was overtook by everyone at some point) :grin:

    Pocketbikes sounds fun also, is there plenty of opportunity to race
    a maxi, I'm pretty sure I don't fit well on the tiny ones...? How
    much $ and where do I get a good machine?

    My snapshots of the 06 Le Minz are at
    do you have any happy snaps of it I could look at?

  4. Great photos Hotcam! I must say seeing people trying to put the knee down on a scooter sure brought a smile to my face :grin:
  5. Maybe. Pocket bikes are fun I'm sure but the whole transporting the bike to and fro isn't practical for me - whereas I could buy a 50 and use it to get to the track and race and get home (I'd assume) along with other things, and it's cheap fun compared to track days on sportsbikes.

    Although I'm sure most people would just progress to going to Broadford or PI on real bikes.
  6. I agree with snipa84 too, I can't transport a pocketbike as easily
    as I could ride a 50 to the track, also I think it would be great to be
    able to ride your racer on the road every day to get most use out of it.

    I also hope that some of the huge number of 50-scoot owners might
    be an instant membership for the racing association... how about a
    "ride-in-ride-away" bog standard class? No mods allowed apart
    from consumables like oils, brake pads, tyres, filters, belt+rollers,
    removal of "sh** bits" (like numberplates/mirrors/stick-out-indicators...)

    As well as a modified class? Obviously if a small track like south
    morang, would need some rules like
    standard engine cases and max 50cc displacement, standard or
    modified-standard frame).

    I like the physical space available on a 50-scooter compared to a pocket,
    and the cost of keeping it on the road (i.e. rego) isn't much.

    Those are the main reasons why I haven't jumped headfirst into
    pocketracing already. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Do you need a CAMS licence?
  8. humm... nah i think id rather get into pocket bikes :)
    but im up for the scooterthon again next year :grin:
    (i was the girl with the l and p plates, glow sticks, tutu etc)
  9. yeah i would be interested but i am in sa!

    also lookin into pocket bikes ;)
  10. Ahhhhhhh, I wanna go play Scooters again!!!!!!
    Can we, huh, huh, can we...please!!!

    Are you the guy that kept giving me the thumbs up as you overtook me?
    The same guy I chatted with at the Cranny ride to the GP, I was up the front with Tex and Bundy the dog!

    I'm the girl that wore the red Draggins in the scooterthon :)

    Mars......I might need your help, picking out a pocket bike, not a tiny one, one of the next size up, I've got the bug now, so its all over for me, life as I knew it will never be the same since racing the scooter.

    Hotcam, check out the thread about team netrider, it's full of links to all our happy snaps...some not happy too :p

  11. I did give some thumbs up, but I didn't go to the GP Run (was working).

    I also wouldn't mind a bit of pocket racing, but I was thinking scooters
    because I FIT on them!

    Everyone come to the Le Minz site (South Morang) on 23rd Sep (this sunday)
    because there is a pocket racing club day there, and I'm told this is
    the best way to meet club members and find out more about racing them.
    I'll see you all there!
  12. ill be in adelaide ;) :cool:
  13. I'll ride over for a squizz, what time is this on?

    Umm...sunday is the 24th...what is the correct day.....saturday 23rd or sunday 24th :?

  14. Es.....it's school holidays, what are you doing out of bed this early :p
  15. Melbourne Mini Moto pocket bike races are on this sunday-- come watch me race against the boys, and crash :p on those little things!!! sept 24th sunday scrutineering at around 10am and then racing from 1pm in south morang -- gotta love that track!!!!
  16. umm, yeah, according to the website:
    "Next Race Meeting: MMMCi
    24 September 2006"

    c u there
  17. I was actually at work :(
  18. It's a bit damp out this way ATM, but I'm gonna be brave, kit up and dawdle over for a look see...
    Gotta cheer my gun rider on!!!!
    Go Marsssssss!!!! :p
  19. You should come and have a ride at Port Melbourne indoor with the VPBA.
    Anyone interested in pocket bikes we will be at the expo and you can also visit www.vpba.com.au.

    Also just to let you know, scooter racing is very popular in europe, polini make some real mean competitive scooters, them guys ride them like race bikes.

  20. sounds just like the guy's and Mars :LOL: at the Le Minz, they were scraping exhausts at every opportunity, plenty of bums hanging off the seats on the corners too! I've got the bug now :oops: