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Anyone interested in a group buy of Draggin liners?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by clinks, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hi Moderators, if these kinds of posts aren't allowed feel free to delete, my apologies if this is the case.


    Is anyone interested in a group buy of Draggin liners? being these beauties:


    I've been eyeing them for a while especially with the current exchange rate and have enquired into shipping, they use an express postal service and its pretty expensive. A rough estimate they gave me was $80 for one garment, and $115 for 5 garments... as you can see the economy of scale is much better the larger the order is.

    Just gouging to see if theres any interest in these from other forum members and see if i can get the total cost down to under $170USD a pair.

    They will all be shipped to my address in hurstville NSW, where they can be picked up. I'll be happy to deliver to anywhere in sydney though provided its a reasonable distance of course. Pickup also available in the CBD where i work.

    details can be worked out after i get some interest, feel free to PM me or just reply here.

    Also, for the moment, it doesn't seem like draggin australia stock or will be releasing these anytime soon?
  2. Count me in.
  3. your getting shafted on the postage.

    I have bought a few leather jackets from USA, never been charged more than $50USD for them.
  4. Caz I agree, in fact there are plenty of websites that will ship items for under $50usd to Australia, and ridersdiscount.com will even ship unlimited items for $25.

    However I don't seem to be able to find any websites other than draggin america which will sell it, and since they have a monopoly... I can't really argue with their choice of shipping.

    The way I see it though if i can get shipping down to under $20 per person then it would be worth it.

    So far I've got 4 takers including myself, meeting up with a bunch of riding mates tomorrow so I'll see if any of them are interested, at the moment I'm looking for 10 people and I'll go ahead with the order.
  5. Mate I am keen for two pairs.

    As someone else said you are getting shafted on the shipping costs. It looks like they are taking two bites of the cherry as many of the US stores do when it comes to international orders.

    It is well worth looking into some of the alternative shipping options mentioned. Another good one is Price USA. They have the goods actually shipped to their own agent in Colorado who then forwards it on to you pretty much at cost. The benefit of companies like this is that most us stores/manufacturers will ship within the USA for free. Price USA and similar companies make their money by charging a 5% fee for the goods shipped although if you get a good response for the Group Buy they may be open to negotiation.

    If a few more get on board with the GB i would haggle the crap out of Draggin. They have plenty of wiggle room on these babies.
  6. Would you be prepared to post to Melb? I'd understand if you'd prefer not to. If it's not a prob i'd be a definite yes. :)
  7. I'd be in for a pair or two