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Anyone in western sydney got a trailer/ute?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azamakumar, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Got a hyosung that's not doing anything when I turn the key (no lights nada, battery sitting happily on 12.7v), would trade a couple of sixpacks for someone to give it a lift down to bikebiz tomorrow.

    Also, all welcome to bring out the hyo jokes.
  2. Looks like a blown fuse, so ignore all this.
    ps 2hrs, and nobody bashing yet? come on guys you've gone soft
  3. Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that Hyosung. You want to get out of here? You talk to me.
  4. This has proved my theory...

    Hyo's suck so much that people don't even need to bash them because they do our jobs for us.

    I was gonna offer a ute up but the thought of having hyosung fluids dripping all over the tray is scarier than having the same on your privates from a street hooker who's heavily infected with herpes and is also suffering from a yeast infection
  5. Chuck a 'dom on the ute, ya'd be fine mate.
  6. It wouldn't happen to be red with yellow rim tape would it, out of curiosity?

    Also, if you don't mind paying I use Allwest Motorcycle Carriers when i need to move my machines, pm me if you want their number. Last time i used them it was $90 for anywhere in Sydney.

    /not affiliated...
  7. Had my 2007 Hyo for 8 months. I've had zero problems with it. If forced i could compare it to a mates 2009 VTR, new off the yard, who's had nothing but trouble with it, so yeah, so far it's Hyo 1, Honda 0 in that scenario.

    /look, ma! generalisations are fun!
  8. Funny... I went through 2 hondas over a space of 5 years and suffered only one problem. The problem had nothing to do with the engine I might add.

    Have we really come to the point where hyo bashing is no longer the "in" thing?

    For shame! [-(
  9. I facepalmed...

    Hyo engines are the only things on the bike that will not **** up. Mirrors, indicators, rearsets, brake fluid master cylinder on the front, clutch cable, throttle casing, that's the shiz that will die a week into ownership if a stiff breeze hits it.

    The engines in Hyosungs are solid, they're just rebadged suzuki engines at the end of the day.

    EDIT: Give Metro Spares in Silverwater a ring and tell em you want to buy a GT250 engine. They'll get all excited, then tell them "lol jk". They can't shift the buggers cos they don't foul up, and no one else wants them for the rep Hyosung has.
  10. If you have a Hyodung, you should invest in your own trailer.
  11. Omg I hope you didn't hurt yourself too much doing that!

    and thank you for schooling me on hyosungs. Its an area of my life that is just so lacking and you were nice enough to go out on a limb and show me just how well versed you are in these machines. My life is now complete.
  12. I'm ok, the swelling has died down now.

    You're totally welcome, I do these things because I care :)

  13. i lol at that, u have no idea
  14. I know, but it's fun to pretend :D
  15. Ah, now alongisde OscarA and hornet I too am conviced that you're a goose!

  16. Had you going for a while, I enjoyed this. :)