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Anyone in Western Melbourne? Chain issues

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by deathsminion, May 5, 2007.

  1. Well, I've taken the old non-oring chain off the CB, and I'm in the process of putting on the new X-Ring chain.

    However, It's about 13 links too long, and my link remover doesn't seem to be good enough.
    Is there anyone in the Melton/Bacchus Marsh/Sunbury area that would be able to give me hand for a 6 pack and gratitude? I really need to have it done tomorrow, because it's my commuter to Forest Hill for work Monday to Friday.

    Cheers in advance,

  2. use an angle grinder and grind off the ends of the pins. grind into the chain plates a little. then punch the pins out/or pry the plate off.

    ask a neighbour if you don't have a grinder. somebody is bound to have one.
  3. I have a grinder, but I'm trying not to damage a bike I want to sell. :LOL:
    I've arranged alternate transport now, and I'll be getting the bike done by a mechanic. Thanks everyone!
  4. You don't do it with the chain on the bike! :shock:
  5. Hahaha, nothing like that, but if I weaken the chain and it breaks, bad things happen to poor CB gearboxes.
  6. I'm in Melton and if you can get the chain to me I have a chain breaker. I get home around 7pm.
  7. I'm in Melton South, so that's perfect. You have PM.
  8. theres no damage to the chain

    you discard the link that you grind off. you will rejoin the chain with the joining link.

    how do you think the mechanic will be doing it?
  9. I understand how it's done, it's very straight forward. However I don't trust myself with a grinder and any part of the bike.
    So for my first time through, I've asked for someone to take me through it.

  10. ...i do :oops: :LOL:

    no shit, i do it on the bike.
    grind old riveted chain, remove plates, insert sacrificial link of new chain to end of old chain, put bike in neutral, pull old chain through which seats the new chain nicely without removal of fairing, disconnect old chain from new, then proceed to grind new chain down to correct size.

    but only because i cant count links while doing maintenance, because my tool of choice is beer :grin:

    be warned, you dont get a good look at the fron sprocket with this procedure, so make sure you know it is in good order ;)