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Anyone in Shepparton area?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jm, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Edit: Bike has been sold

    I'm a new rider looking to get my first bike, I've found what looks to be a great deal on a 2001 CBR250 at a place called AJ's motorcycles in Shepparton. Just wondering if any more experienced rider in the area would be willing to come out and have a look at it with me, just to make sure I don't miss any glaringly obvious problems with it. :p

    I'm hoping to go this week, it would probably have to be sometime from 10am-1pm on Tuesday or Wednesday or around 4pm on Friday (I'm in Melbourne so it's a bit hard to get there most days).

  2. i dont think they made a 2001 cbr 250.

    that may be the import date, check the build date!

    Get a FZR250 i had one but it got stolen, great bike, basically the same as a cbr250rr but cheaper
  3. Yep I've been looking at them too, the CBR is $3000 which is cheaper than any of the decent FZRs i've been able to find. Here's the add:


    Not sure about the year thing, I'll have to ask them that.

    It seems like one of those deals that are too good to be true...which is exactly why I'm looking for someone with a bit more experience to come and have a look at it with me :)
  4. yeah mate thats defently import date, id check up on it.
    looks really good though, nice and clean plus it a RR so you get twin disks at the front, thats a pretty damn good deal.
    just check how it idles, any oil leaks, if it blows smoke, take it for a test ride and get it up to about 20000rpm and see how it handles it. take your hands off the bars when you ride and see if it goes straight aswell, dont want twisted forks.
    44000km is alright aswell. ask if they have been over it/serviced it and if its mechanically sound.
    cant really go wrong with the cbr's. try and get them to re-jet, tune and balance the carbies before you buy it. the 4 carbies can get out of balance real easy
  5. I think I've seen that bike in there, looks pretty clean.
    I am from Shepparton but currently at uni in Melbourne, so I can't help you there sorry.
  6. Is definatly a grey import....And did you notice the price is $3000+ORC....