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Anyone in sales?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar3, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    So i want to get into sales when i come back home from my holidays, just wondering if we have any salesmen or women amongst us and what you sell?

  2. What are you planning on selling?

    The first and most important part of the selling game is to know your product

    The second is Customer Needs Analysis

    The third is, if you don't know, don't say you do
  3. The fourth is nobody likes sales people ;)
  4. Fifth, you can lie, but you must be good at it!!!

    otherwise known as promising the world and delivering around 3% of the time!!!
  5. I have been in sales for around 25 yrs.
    The ones that get to carve out a career at it are the ones that do what they say, and get a reputation for doing just that.

    I have sold bridges and infrastructure, IT systems (nationally) Cars, and am now selling finance and insurance.

    You are the only person in charge of your personal ethics.
    You get to determine whether you are good or evil.
    If you are totally ethical - be prepared to lose sometimes. But be happy to lose. And yes, you can make your own pile of $$ that way. And have a happy life.

    If you are a bit of Gordon Gecko - you will make squillions, but not gain any 0respect from your peers, or stay in one place too long.

    FInd your own level of how you want to sleep at night, and live with it.
  6. I have been in sales for around 25 years like Peter. Started selling toasters at a local retravsion and now wake up with a $1.2B per annum target.

    Sales is great but it is a wide area.

    What kind of sales? A real estate agent is vastly different to what I do and I although I think I could make a lot of money I would be bored in two seconds. and yes I do pretty well at what i do as I am passionate about it.

    My recomendation is to find an industry you are passionate about. Without passion you are just another sleazy salesman.
  7. Many people call themselves "salesmen" and many of them are merely "order takers".

    Hit customers as hard as you can because if you dont the next man will.

    Always smile as you take their hard earned:dance:

    Great fun selling can be:angel:
  8. Why ANYONE would want to get in to sales is beyond me. Although I may be tainted after 10 years of audio visual sales and constantly liasing with di$khead, know-it-all, arrogant, cocky, obnoxious, retarded technology nerds.:nopity:

    Money can be good in the right sales industry though.

    Oh and sixth, customer is NOT always right.
  9. 7th, good sales people understand that god gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason!
  10. Hey guys,

    I want to sell websites to small businesses, i know the product and how it works back to front. I plan to do cold calling.

    I realize it will be hard ](*,) but i see a lot of sales people 10years later enjoying the benefits of working hard, i also feel there are more benefits than working in an office and gunning for promotions.

    To the guys who have been doing this a long time, do you fit the stereotype snappy suit, luxury car and big smile image that is supposedly a "successful" sales person?
  11. Depends on what I was selling - and to whom.

    When I had to visit customers, I did it in style (no one deals with losers).
    A jag, Bentley, Lotus etc.
    Well dressed, but not too well.

    Now they come to me, so I ride my bike to work. Dress well, but not too well.
  12. Well yes I wear a suit, but then so do my customers.

    Yes I have a fancy car, well not really I drive a highly customised Dodge Nitro. My cars for the last 20 years have been a mix, 4WDs, Statesman, Mazda 6 etc all new and generally all the top spec model.

    Big smile? Most people I know say that I have a happy disposition. But no one will buy anything from a unhappy person, how many times have you walked into a shop and if the person behind the counter is grumpy, did you just walk out?

    Look there are short term wam BAM sales people, who are the sleazeoids and then there are the people like me who treat it is a profession and tend to build long term relationships with customers, I do work int he corporate world and shiny suited blokes don't last very long!
  13. Cold calling is tough, but if you can do it then go for it.

    Do you believe in the product and company backing it up? If not 110% then you will go hungry.
  14. The problem with sales today is there is no margin in the products you sell, or even often in the services, and people can and will shop you around, get your best price and then buy it cheaper on the 'Net.

    I got out of sales in late '06, and not a moment too soon, in retrospect.

    I worked for companies that supplied company cars, I wore a suit 6 days a week, polished my shoes twice a week, and at the end of the day, as soon as I had some success, I was faced with higher targets, and diminishing rewards.

    It's a mug's game.
  15. Yes, i most certainly believe in the product.

    It is great to hear from you guys with experience, it gives me an idea for what to expect =]

    My non computer background is deeply based in customer dispute resoloution, managing a small team of service representatives and retail sales for highly specialized and some not so specialized sporting equipment so i think this is manageable and could even be enjoyable.

    By the sounds of it I will have to grab a new car or park around the block for 6months or so =p
  16. I do it but am keen to get out of it. I don't enjoy being told to sell people what is good for our business rather than what is good for the customer (electronics & mobile phone sales) Also I hate dealing with stupid people and their endless problems.
  17. 75% Gross Profit in my products......I like being a mug.:cool:
  18. Given the product you're intending to sell I think you're wasting your time in cold calling. Cold calling works fine on people who are susceptible to immediate pressure and can't say no. Selling non-stick frypans or insurance to housewives is a good example.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the intended customer. Some guy rings up out of the blue selling his whizbang website. I've never even considered this product or thought that it would be a good idea for my business. Am I likely to commit there and then? No. I'm a small business, do I have a lot of disposable income? No. Is my core business internet based? No, because if it was I'd already have a site. Could I expand my business online and gain extra customers? Depends on what my business is but if it's not already set up for it then there's going to be extra costs outside of the whizbang website.

    Right away you're breaking the golden rule of sales, get the customer saying "yes". Sales is like Fishing. If you want to catch a fish you need to find out where the fish are. There's no point in just throwing your line all over the place and hoping for the best.

    You'd be better off marketing at small business fairs, taking out advertisements in trade publications, talking to local business councils about offering your services. Maybe even some local radio advertising. Now is a good time to be looking at something like this because there will be business growth in the next few years but you need to do this right.

    Good luck!

  19. Quoted for truth!, we don't only share a name eh :D
  20. Hi,

    Yeah I do not believe in tele-sales, i tired selling telephone services over the phone for 2 weeks and quit. I met the targets but it was crappy and i felt like a "mug" persuading people over the phone. I want to do face to face sales, approach the business and chat with the business owner, gauge their level of interest and suggest a product inline with their needs.