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Anyone in S.E. Melbourne got a spare bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by darklightBoy, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. So I've had a horrid start to the weekend, with the ZZR dying on the Nepean Highway in the middle of peak hour last night. Luckily at a red light so I could push it off the road. Dramas with tow trucks and working out who pays what (RACV/Towers are getting a nasty call on Monday but that's another story) and waking up this morning to a puddle of go juice under the bike.

    *sulk* Well it's now sitting at a bike shop in Seaford waiting to be fixed. What sucks is they had no loan bike available. Somehow I have to get from Carrum to Burwood at 9am Monday morning, then back to Dandenong South by midday to work.

    Anyone got a spare LAMS-compliant bike they can lend for a couple of days?

  2. Big ask
  3. Massive ask.

    To hire your bike from a normal place would cost $165 a day.


    But the thing's only worth a few grand? Hiring a little Hyundai Getz or similar will cost about $30 a day and it's worth more than a ZZR.

    I would suggest hiring a cheap car like that if you can.

    I doubt anyone would lend you their bike for the same reason motorbike hire places charge an arm and a leg. There's a huge amount of risk.

    Furthermore, most 250's aren't comprehensively insured and I personally don't like the odds of someone asking on a forum for a free lend of a bike being responsible for potential repair/replace costs of a motorbike.

    Cheapest option is definitely a car, unless you can get a lift or bum a mates car.
  4. hey there,

    Are you serious, would you lend your bike to someone you dont know for a few days?

    Public transport still exists!

    i guess it never hurts to ask...

    Good luck!
  5. yeah i must add my good luck but keep dreaming to that
  6. ........
  7. Oh yeah I knew it was a big ask, but if you don't at least try you never know hey?

    Looks like I may need to do the rent-a-bomb thing. Monday's my only trouble. Cheers for the link.
  8. I assumed it was a rhetorical question...

    Who would be stupid enough to ask on a public forum to "Borrow" some ones bike? (get it, that was also a rhetorical question) :p
  9. It can be even cheaper with Avis.

    I've taught a couple of my friends how to drive manuals in Avis Getz'. No way I'm going to burn out my clutch teaching them to drive.

    It's only about $30 a day and I've always gotten a shiny Getz with <10,000km on the clock.
  10. Thats sucks Nate, but it happens to everyone whether it be a car or bike.
    I'd take MG's suggestion & rent a shitbox :wink:
  11. Hey guys I want to borrow someone's MV augusta, no real reason apart from I want to ride it for a day so i can look real cool, anyone want to lend me theirs?
    I promise I won't drop it or scratch the fairing with my boots.
  12. No worries Smee, You can have one of mine.
  13. Gee smee that worked well.

    Want me to look after your bike while you take MVrog's bike out?
  14. And I'll look after your's while you've got smee's out :LOL:.
  15. and I'll take good care of yours Paul, while your looking after the others. :p
  16. ........
  17. We keep doing this, eventually Nate's going to end up with his own bike again, you know :LOL:.
  18. i'd help u out if i still had mine Nate, but i dont, so i cant :(

    like u said, it wont happen unless u ask. theres plenty of dickheads like me though, so worth a shot :grin:
  19. I've got a spare trike my kids don't use any more that you are welcome to borrow. :grin:
  20. Hey Nate - hope you got it all sorted today and hope the interview went well! Sorry i couldn't help you out - but if I had my upgrade I'd have lent you my VTR....

    Hey! :!: An idea! :idea:

    Buy me my upgrade and I'll lend you my VTR!