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anyone in or near parramatta like to earn a slab?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Coconuts, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. following on with my uncles search for a bike with a sidecar, he seems to have found one thats in his price range and about what he wants. problem is, parramatta is a couple of days drive from him in frankston, vic :LOL:

    we just need someone to have a quick look at it to make sure everything checks out, and that there is no major faults with it. a semi-experienced person is preferrable, but really, this slab is up for grabs to just about anyone with more than one working eye and ear (so you can see/hear the thing running)

    if anyone thinks they might be able to help out, please shoot me an e-mail at dalew@asnlogistics.biz and we'll work it all out.

    next step after this is working out how to get it down here, i imagine interstate sidecar transport wouldn't be cheap :shock:
  2. posted email, coco
  3. I'm sure there's at least two fat ladies in Parramatta... Offer them a sausage.
  4. oh god! that looks like the bike too :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL:

    cheers paul.... but you didn't answer your phone.... too busy posting something there? :LOL:
  5. that was pretty quick, paul there has offered to take care of it for me, and he's not even a drinker :LOL:

    ahwell, $40 towards your petrol fund mate :wink: once you have this sorted out, let me know your bank account details and i'll get richard to pop some money in there for you :D
  6. Big thanks again paul, Richard is stoked beyond beleif :LOL:

    sounds like a ripper of a bike, i cant wait to pinch it off him for a cruise :p

    top stuff buddy :wink:
  7. Wow, it's certainly in good nick.

    It even looks a bit familiar...
  8. Well, go on.......

    It came to the current owner from a man in Nowra, if that means anything.
  9. certainly looks the part mate, I think Richard is going to be taking a plane up there on saturday, i'll give him your number so he can catch up with you and give you all that praise he's bound to want to give :LOL:

    great stuff.... and it means i'll be able to take my kids for a ride much earlier :twisted: saves me buying a sidecar, and if the amount he rode the GPX was any indication of what he'll be like with that, i reckon i'll put more kays on it than him :LOL: