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Anyone in Melb able to remove two stuck bolts from my bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wixy, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. I havent been able to ride my bike for over a month because i lost the key. I need to take the lock barrel out so i can take it to a locksmith and get a key cut. However, I have destroyed the thread of the two torx bolts holding it in place because they are in very tight.

    Hence these two bolts are stuck and I cant remove the lock barrel.

    I'm just wondering if anyone in Melbourne has the necessary tools to remove stuck bolts and is able to help me out for say $30 or a slab of beer? Because this is driving me crazy!

    I am in Clayton.
  2. What about just drilling the heads of the bolts off, or hax-sawing the head of the bolt and then undoing them with a screw-driver? (with the aid of WD-40.) Or is there a complication re these particular bolts?

  3. Hack sawing the head of the bolts is not possible because of how the bolts are positioned.

    Drilling the heads of the bolts off, that would require a drill press and a large drill bit I guess?
  4. I am certainly not a mechanic, and i/m not sure i could do this myself, however i had a bolt locked in and managed to round off the head, so took to the local mechanic to see if he had an extractor. Showed me a neat trick. Hammer and centre punch on the side of the bolt head. First square on to get a divot then at a slight angle. Don't hit it too hard.
  5. Drilling simply involves getting a standard household drill, getting a drill bit which is the size of the head of the bolt (or a little bit smaller, but as big as the thread), and simply drilling down on the head of the bolt, being ready to stop when the head is gone. Take your time if you're unpracticed, you don't have to drill it off in one go. When that's gone, you simply lift the part off, for there is no screw/bolt head holding it down. THen you're left with the rest of the bolt still in place, and you simply spray it with some WD-40, leave it for five minutes, and come back with a pair of pliers, and grip the bolt and unscrew it (if the bolt metal is soft enough, grip it hard in the first place, so as to flatten it a little in the grip of the pliers, so that it is easier to grip and turn it).

    The drilling bit is scary, but safe and effective, even for us non-mechanic types. Just take your time and use a firm steady grip (you don't want to bounce around and hurt something). I find it helps with this sort of thing, where damage could be done, to practice on something else first - drill a bolt into some wood and practice drilling its head off. Or enlist the aid of the old man across the road who gets around in those house-paint-stained overalls - he's probably done it a thousand times before.

    Having said all this, somebody with more mechanical nous might have a better idea (Mithel's idea sounds good), especially if the bolts are of a particularly hard metal, but this certainly works, and I've done it on my bike to remove a screw out of the indicator.

    Let us know how you go.

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  7. Haha yes I made that mistake once myself. Spent ages trying to work out how to get the bastard bolts off but then realised the whole thing could come off just as easy!