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Anyone in Liverpool want to check out a bike for me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    A friend of mine is really keen on a bike he saw for sale on the net, we're both in melbourne, the bike is in liverpool NSW.

    Is there a possibility of someone going to have a look at it for us and ticking off a slight checklist I can jot up?

    I'd really really really appreciate it!

    PS; the bike is Learner legal, so anyone who rides could look at it for us.

    Please add me on msn or email me - VB_SLE@hotmail.com


    - Matt.
  2. i'm not too far from liverpool (about 30min) and might be able to help.
    Added you to MSN but you're not online. Drop me a message if you can't get anyone who lives in livo.
  3. I'm online, are you trevor?
    It doesn't seem to be letting me send you instant messages.

    Cheers mate, I'll try and figure out how to get my msn working properly
  4. I live right next to liverpool though im down visiting friends in wodonga at the moment. Im headin back Australia day... If you cant find anyone to have a look by then and its still available id be more than happy.
  5. Is the bike at a dealer, or private? I might be able to give soem feedback.

    If you can't get anyone let me know. I live there, but I'm really busy over the next few days. I may get some time Saturday morning, but I'm have bike troubles too and need to ge them fixed.
  6. Im not too far, any excuse for a ride aye, besides i gota pick up some parts from there. PM me the details, im never on MSN iterfers with my fraging
  7. Type of bike might help...

    Arnt bikes cheaper in VIC anyway???