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Anyone in finance?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Peaches, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hello people,

    Is anyone here working in finance, specifically the financial planning/ asset management industry? And superannuation?

    Just curious as to whether or not there are any netrider finance professionals, keen to touch base, maybe meet up for a coffee and introduce myself - I'm always on the hunt for an exclusive :cool: or general news stories :)

  2. I now work as a Business Analyst in Superannuation Administration but in a prior job I was managing employee share plans for several major Australian and overseas companies.

    But I see you are in Sydney I am in Melbourne and I am not a professional, just an amateur.
  3. Very interesting – when you say business analyst, do you mean you analyse a specific asset class of your fund? As in part of an internal investment team?

    I’ll PM you for details, incidentally I’m working on an asset consulting feature and have spoken with several of the major funds and consulting firms for insight. I might have to pop over to Melbourne for a conference later on this year, might make it a point to say hi :p

    BTW I love the red of your ninja!
  4. Having worked at a large, independent financial planners' firm for a year, I could say a thing or two about that industry and its credulous, unsophisticated clients :roll:
  5. Can't say I'm a financial professional, but have worked in Superannuation and financial admin and call centres for about 3 years now.
  6. Out of interest... why?
  7. Because I’m a finance journalist and my coverage areas are financial planning/wealth management and superannuation. I’m keen to meet up with fellow riders working in this industry – all aspects of it, from IT to insurance, administration to customer service etc. It’d be nice to know that people in your field are fellow riders, no?

    Oh and I know there’s a charity ride Corners 4 Kids that is organised by and for finance professionals – I’m very keen to get into that too, hopefully my editor will assign me to cover the ride next year as a special! :p

    Does anyone go on the Corners 4 kids ride?
  8. I work in the city for a chartered accountants firm of about 150 people - i'm the IT person on site. :)
  9. yeah ..I am in Finance

    and Treasury
    and Fleet Management
    and OH & S
    and IT & C
    and Customer Service
    and Insurance
    and Personnel

    CFOs do lots these days :LOL:
  10. :shock:

    Oh good god you're a busy man... you're the chief financial officer and you do customer service :?: Hmmmmmm
  11. when your a lovely lady on a male dominated internet forum you can be pretty picky about what type of guy you want to have coffee with.

    my post on a yoga forum

    "Hi, just out of interest are there any models, cheerleaders, nurses or gymnasts here? ive always been interested in theese areas and would love to catch up for a coffee"

    ...so on my way to netyoga.com


  12. hmmm...
    you never worked for a boss? :wink:

    spose I am one..as I have 4 people in customer service
    who report to me mainly coz I am responsible for CS :grin:

    more indians than chiefs where I work :LOL:

  13. We need finance people (especially a CFO) who will take advice!! And stop manipulating our board of directors/managers.

    Our finance people has decided to architect a unworkable IT solution. It's crap and they won't listen that it's not the best way to do things. Their brilliant ideas involves placing our intranet system on to the internet and having 2 separate databases for products and pricing. They've given us 3 months to design, implement and test a project that would normally take 18 months. We're still in the business gathering phase. On top of that, they've hounded 2 of my colleagues (one of them, my manager) to resign, and the team leader is on the verge of leaving.

    Oh and their idea of getting it done in 3 months is to throw more resources (people) at it. :roll: