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Anyone in Darwin?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmy999, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Hello all,
    I'm new to netrider and I was wondering if anyone here lives in Darwin
    who is interested in going riding??

  2. I should be from darwin, i virtually begged work to post me up there but the jerks are makin me stay here :evil:

    Anyways now that im finished bitchin :p

    Im sure ive seen at least a few here from darwin.
  3. mate i go there about 2 times a year
    my freind lives up there but he dosnt ride
    but when im up there next ill call ya
    was planning to move up there if i can find a job that paid well lol
  4. who'd wanna live in darwin?? :p

    hows the beast goin?
  5. mate i had the same thought
    untill i went there... :grin:
    it was calm time was slow and the people were nice... roads are big and smooth and there is no limit on speed when you hit the outer rim of town..
    usually about 15 mins
    and its always warm.... and humid at times
    there is no water resriction so wash the bike as many time as u like using the hose :grin: :grin:
    the no speed should is the best factor lol
    oh yeah
  6. i must admit the lack of speed restrictions would be great.... but i hear there's not a great deal in the way of twisties? you've been there, any recommendations for jimmy999 on where to go for some fun?
  7. Wildlife's a problem up there. Knew a guy in Darwin who rode a Beemer, at least until he put it into the side of a water buffalo :shock:.
  8. yeah i have heard of the bad wild life up there
    but i never saw them in the day... at night they cam out in force...
    haha :LOL:
  9. yeah thats the only bad thing lots of good straight roads but not much in the twistie...
    well none that i have seen but theres gotta be some.................
    somewhere :LOL:
  10. Yeah dawn/dusk is usually the worst time although wedge tailed eagles can usually be found feeding on roadkill any time of the day and those things are big enough to be of concern to riders.
  11. oh yeah i saw one when i was up there
    dam they make crows here look like a sparrow... :LOL:
    but i recon the best thing was the army is up there and when i was there they were flying the fighter jets... dont know what or which one but dam they go fast.. lol and was bloody loud
    not as fast or as loud as my gixer 600
  12. Hey Mik84

    My brother lives in Darwin with the Army.
    I Think he was gonna buy a dirt bike but never got around to it

    I thought everyone made Darwin as their last preference of places to be posted?
  13. matt...
    mate where u get the avatar from??
    dude they are the biggest rack i have ever seen
    and if u say that they are ur misses i would be envious :grin: :grin:
  14. Not when its me best chance of gettin over to afghanistan :wink:
  15. I lived in darwin from 95 to 01, i have spent most of my uni holidays there working for the old PAWC. And i've spent a year working there from middle of 04 to 05.

    My KLX250 is based there :p

    Its going to get a work out when i get back there, chasing pigs. Woot!
  16. I love Darwin. I went through there 3 times last year and was a week away from packing up and driving up there for good.....

    Darwin is fantastic. Only draw back is the drunks you see sitting in circles all day... doing bugger all but waiting for their welfare payments and the grog shops to open.

    but hey the scenery is awesome.. so laid back. ok i am wanting to move there again
  17. Darwin is indeed a nice place. I just wouldn't live there again. I find it so boring. And the male to female ratio isn't helped by all the military bases there. I still didn't fair too bad. Just do better in melbourne..... on a good night. :p

    I have spent a lot of time there. I would say its a nice place for a holiday. But not good to live if your young. Unless you had an awesome job.

    I do have a job there waiting for me but if its not what i want, i'm not taking it.

    Horses for courses i guess.

    And the only decent roads to ride are in Litchfield.

    Off road is another story all together, especially if you have a shotty slung across your back. :D
  18. Yes, you deff want an off road bike if you live in the Northern Territory.
    I could get work up there as well, but it's too bloody humid for me.
    I would suggest contacting www.dsmra.asn.au

    That's the Aussie wide dual sports riders organisation.
    Having a road/sports bike in Darwin is going to be as boring as all hell.
    But the off roading is excellent.
    Good luck mate.
  19. Funny you should say that because I am just trying to sell my '04
    DR-Z400 because I couldn't find any decent dirtbike riding up here,
    although I am used to the mighty hills down in Gippsland(Vic) so maybe my expectations are too high. :?
    I think the roadie will be tops, I can go for a burn out to Litchfield or Berrry Springs for a swim and let rip in the 'opens', then cruise back.
    Although there aren't too many locations too visit up here,
    I'll just have to wait till I come back down south for the good windy roads.