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Anyone in construction in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ageg, May 29, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Is there anyone on here that's in the construction scene in melbourne that could give me se advice?.

    I'm currently a full time mechanic looking for a career change at 28 years old, I have obtained my white card which is the introductory ohs course. I have no experience at all in the construction industry and am keen to get some. Im willing to wok Saturday's to learn the trade and then after a while hopefully turn it to a full time job.

    I'm asking on here because it's so hard to get into because everyone what's someone with some sort of experience... But I can't get any if noone gives me a shot I guess lol.

    Any help from someone on here would be great :D.


  2. Its as bad as I have seen it in Sydney for the last 35 years,you have picked a crap time to try
  3. Construction work is dying in the ass mate. Stick with your current job.
  4. If you want to work in construction related field go to UNi and get qualified as a quantity surveyor

    It will open doors for you all over the world in mining, construction , agriculture

    I am in my last 6 months of a 4 year degree I started at 39

    Now I know a young guy who had 3 years experience as a junior trainee quantity survey while studying at uni - recently got a 200K + a year job in the mines and he is only 24

    also quantity surveyors are in global demand
  5. Front up to the foreman on a big site and ask him for any available vacancys,

    Even if he doesnt have any, he can put you onto to some one who does,

    You will get work if your not afraid of getting your hands dirty and are prepared to actually work,

    I dont, as I have just retired,
  6. Unfortunately construction has gone a little ass up. Ive just done the same thing went from being an account manager to driving tonka trucks to work on the mines, got a gig in melbourne to gain experiance & a ticket but its weather dependant and with all the rain most construction is either slow or on hold. What I can suggest if you dont mind boring, mundane work, I think for around $200 you can get a traffic manangement ticket, yes it qualifies you to stand there and hold signs but theres usually always work with road construction companies, civil engineering companies and the hourly rate isnt to shabby. The other suggestion is a pre-appreticship course, Im not sure how much it helps but just a couple of ideas. Yes the industry is slow, but if you can get out there and knock on doors you may just strike it lucky. It may not be full time or exactly what your after but there may be a start.
  7. Thanks for the replays guys, can't say I'm a little disappointed tho :(.. Just at that stage of life where I don't wanna be what I'm doing for the rest of my life and have always wanted to jump ship to construction.... Too bad the weather is real bad inelbourne atm and it looks to be a very wet winter so I guess I will be waiting a few more months... I will investigate the traffic control thing tho.

    Thanks peeps.
  8. I lost my construction job the other day. Times are tough.
  9. MC labour hire is a good way to gain experience as a casual.
    Traffic management is weather dependant but a good ticket to hold.
    Traffic control is the lollipop. Bothe tickets will cost you 400. And you need to pick up first aid to be more desirable.

    The construction bubble is as good as burst.
    The focus will be on civil for the next decade.
  10. Eh?:-s

    So how much does a person with 10-15-20yrs industry experience get?
  11. Less than usual in these tough times.200k is a lot of money for some Bill measure and extend work.
  12. more than that obviously
  13. huh, I was going to look into carpentry as an alternative to my shitty job, guess I'll have to look elsewhere too :p