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Anyone in Charlestown NSW who can help NOW?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Renee_AW, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Ahhhhh....I was washing my bike on the grass & it tipped over. Although it is only a 250 it is almost three times my weight & I can't pick it up from the position it is in. My husband is home later but was wondering if there is anyone nearby who could give me a hand to pick it up.

    I am in Charlestown nr Newcastle. :oops:

  2. next door neighbor?
    someone driving by?

    tie a rope between the dog and bike and throw a stick??

    stand on the 'seat side' or up side (if its fallen down on the left side, stand on the left side), squat with your knee's put your bum into the seat, grab a good purchase on the bike and stand up. Back straight, roll the bike up.

    Good luck.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. I tried the technique above but I have hurt my arm & any pressure kills (woe is me).

    My only neighbours at home are a 92 year old man (who would help if he could) and a young woman who has just had a baby (not to the 92 year old man, different house).

    The postman went by too quickly & I live in a cul-de-sac so not too many drive bys here. Ho hum.

    The dog might be in to it but I reckon if I tried it he'd keep on running & my bike would end up on it's other side.

    I phoned the Kawasaki shop & they said it would be okay on it's side for a few hours but I don't like it - it looks wounded & I feel stupid. :roll:
  4. Loz has a video on youtube showing another way to pick up the bike, but i haven't been able to find it
  5. Geeth...thank you for looking.

    Lucky I did the things I needed to do before washing my bike :oops:
  6. did it fall because the ground got wet and the sidestand sunk in?
  7. Like already mentioned there are videos on YouTube

    What another member wrote:

    NB: But be careful of the wet grass.

  8. I think that is what happened. I was washing the left side of the bike & it fell on the right side - it was like slow motion but I couldn't do anything to stop it.

    It looks like it is sleeping...poor motorcycle.

    I have a neighbour who is a teacher & should be home in just over an hour - he is one of those big strong & very helpful type people so I am going to ambush him when he gets home & ask him to help me pick it up.

    Better put a beer in the fridge!
  9. ok that's it...


    You (and we by remote) are looking at your bike, sleeping on it's side. Make some light humor of the situation and post a few pics... :grin:
  10. I'm with browny on the pics.

    Sounds like the ground was uneven and the bike already leaning to the right.
  11. you mean left??

    If the bike did fall to the left due to the side stand sinking into the grass, place something broad-flat-solid under the side stand to spread out the weight over a larger surface area from the side stand. Some times a crushed drink can, or flat piece of wood, or as I found out during RFTH's ride my rego label in plastic case works fine.


    pics pics pics... :grin:

    EDIT: just re-read your post OP, I missed the bit about falling onto it's right hand side. Ignore me.

    Except for the pics...
  12. did you get it upright? Give me a pm if you haven't yet and I'll lend a hand.

    Btw guys, reread the post the op said she has some sort of injury and can't lift stuff. So posting stuff on technique is not going to fix the underlying problem
  13. ohh i smell someone is going to get yelled at when hubby gets home thats why u need a hand before he comes :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. +1 (or maybe a spanking :eek: )
  15. No spanking...he has no interest in the bike at all and couldn't get away from work to help me out.

    The grass was flat but water-logged....I was going to wait another day for it to dry out more but was impatient.

    I didn't see the photo requests until now & bike is upright & in bed. There is no way I am going to re-enact....just incase you were thinking of asking.

    My neighbour came over & helped me pick it up. All good except there is some grit in the throttle & it grinds when it turns & doesn't go back on it's own...lucky I have a service booked in for Thursday.

    Boo for dropping my bike :(
  16. Just be happy that it was on grass
  17. Now that the bike's fine and tucked into bed.... how is the wrist. You don't need a sore or damaged wrist when riding your bike~~~~
  18. ok thats fair enough, can we have photos of you now? :grin:
  19. goz u naughty boy
  20. D'oh too late now but I'm in Swansea, maybe next time :LOL: