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Anyone in Cairns ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Stookie, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Any riders in Cairns up for a flog ?

    I been out a bit on my Speed triple, have seen a few bikes out and about, as much as I love riding bikes its better with a few more bikes...?

  2. hey jay :) :)
  3. Yeah, I live here too ;)

    So, where and when? Now Christmas is done I need a proper ride and was looking at that Palmerston road.
  4. Anyone in cairns? You, cj, and maybe three others waiting for a bus. That's probably about it.


  5. Where the hell have you been Paul.........?

    Oh yeah its me thats been away....How are you ?

    So there is the 3,

    So Cj and I are heading up the palmerston for a flog.

    Jiff, sorry you cant bring the bus.

    only 3 of us eh......bugger.8-[
  6. eh eh eh karm down. WTF you doin up in Carins?
  7. Awwwwww :(

  8. ah eh they do though, though they dont !

    Went for a drive, fell asleep at the wheel, ended up in cairns.

    Well, got the oppertunity of me own shop, Im sure know what thats like for bait, so moved to Cairns.......so far its shit, but Im going to have to get used to it.
    I know they go on about climate change....well where the hell is the change, its just 32 all the bloody time here with humidity.
    Got a 1050 trump to flog and nobody but me and The CJ seem to ride up here, or at least who are on the forum.

    I killed my kwaka, 4 engines in 12 months........not bad eh pete ?8-[
  9. I'm up in Cairns (Ducati S2R 800, I think I have seen your Speed triple around) but with the bike For Sale and I'm packing up ready to move down south, I'd love to join you, but I'm a little occupied at the moment.
  10. Don't worry Stookas i'll come for a ride with you. Just buy me a bike so when i get there i can ride it ok =D>
  11. Why dont you and Bamm-bamm ride your bikes up.
    If we can do it in 35 hrs in a little car you should be able to do it in less.

    Be worth it, we have 1 road to ride called the gillies range. If your f**k up your dead. 8-[
  12. Stookie,
    I recently came back from living in Cairns (Clifton Beach) the Kuranda range is always a good run, but you seriously have to watch out for Plod and worse, bloody tourist coaches. The run up to Port Douglas is a nice lazy lope, but you get the to see some fantastic scenery and grab a great coffee at the cafe near the old pier, where you can sit and see even greater scenery walking by.

    The Gillies is the best, and rated highly by most local riders, the run up to the lava caves is also good, another lazy lope is to Mareeba for the local produce... If you go up to Kuranda, drop into the Honey shop near the market, ask the guy with the dreads behind the counter for some Exotic "Funny" honey... bloody nice on toast, and for the thrill go down to Mission Beach and sky dive... fug me what a blast..

  13. Ummm NO

    UMMMM don't you think for a good road like that Bamm Bamm better stay off it with those consequences??? you seen him ride
  14. Kuranda range has a posted limit that makes it pointless, but would be good if wasnt covered with kops, but with the crashing I can see why, Port douglas road is a lazy ride and difficult to have fun on, the gillies is a good run and I can get along pretty well, enough to piss the locals off.
    Other than that its all pretty boring.

    Somebody said the the QLD'ers are friendly. Hmmmmm not really. The local death squad wont talk to me, I guess being new to the area and keeping up with them isnt making friends.:-({|=
  15. Oh, and Skydiving is for people who cant afford a big bike :biker:

  16. yes they are both very friendly and helpful to tourists!!! As for making close friends and letting outsider into their circles forget it (it was very very difficult) from my experience of nearly 10yrs about the only friends you will find and meet will be others from interstate (and i went to school up their and all of my friends where from interstate, (ie parents in the forces so got posted their or parents had moved there etc...) but none of my friends were actually born and raised there.....It's a strange place 8-[
  17. But just about everyone here is an import.

    The roads are limited around here, that's for sure, but then so many people in Melbourne would only ever do a few roads, so there's not a lot of change. But it does limit your adventures.

    I think Stookie's issue is that they were all intimidated by his heavily worn knee sliders!! Theirs were all virgin!
  18. yep there are a lot of imports but i guess when you go to school up there you meet a lot more locals, which was my experience

    as for only riding a few fav roads/busy roads well guess it depends who you chat too....

    nah i think stookie's problem is he is just a grumpy, foul mouthed wee scott!!! :cheeky: :rofl:
  19. Not the Stookie I know :) Must be all the warm weather!
  20. Hmmmm...CJ, he's a grumpy bugger. Wouldn't have him any other way, though ;)