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Anyone imported stuff from America? (jacket)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Instigator, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I'm just about to purchase my first set of road bike gear am looking at an Alpinestars textile jacket. I haven't been able to find one round my area and haven't had a chance to venture into the city with all the work on the bike and now the car having blown a motor so I was considering importing from America

    I found this site: -

    Which ship internationally and the prices seem quiet reasonable. For comparisons sake the leather version of the same style jacket I want is $899 in stores here, from the US it'd cost $550 shipped (not including customs import duty if they get ya)

    The textile will set me back about $300 shipped (as above) and I love the style and haven't seen anyone with a textile one in Aus yet so I'd feel a little special :wink:

    I'm all for supporting Australian business but with savings like that assuming customs don't get me for too much it's a steal. Most other textile jackets I've looked at locally have been ~$300 and nowhere near as sexy as the Alpinestar :)

    I have to go and try on the leather version so I can work out the sizing but other than that & import duty I can't see any problems with it.

    Has anyone done something similar before and could offer some advice?
  2. Have u tried ebay??
    Bought a suit from america. Bargin prices.
  3. No import duty unless items over $1,000. Have also imported over this amount with no problems.

    Good time to buy from US as well with AUS$ close to US80c
  4. Check out ebay for sure.

    I bought a Shift leather jacket from the US for basically half what the Aus RRP was, incl shipping. Was at my front door in under 5 days.

    Us prices are hard to beat no matter how you look at it.
  5. Hi, got an Alpinestars alloy leather jcket of ebay out of the US for $480 delivered a couple of months ago. Really good service and huge range of stuff.

    I went through this site and they were quick and answered emails well.


    It really is the cheapest way to get a good jacket as long as you have tried one on beforehand and know the exact size you need.

    Gordon :grin:
  6. Hi All
    I haven't bought clothing from the US but have spent up on bike accessories.

    Mainly dealt through cruisercusomizing.com and no probs (at least unsolved ones :)) so far.

    Just need to work in the shipping and conversion rate to the overall cost.

  7. the most expensive/biggest thing I've bought from the USA was the race cans for my hornet

    I paid NO import duty, and they arrived in under 2 weeks
  8. I bought my leather jacket through ebay a month ago and had no problems whatsoever.
  9. I got Joe Rocket Jacket / Pants / Gloves as well as a helmet and boots from the USA.
    Including shipping, I paid almost half of what it would have cost at the shops.
    I tried on all the Joe Rocket gear in Peter Stevens to get my sizes
    (The sizes are the same worldwide for Joe Rocket)
    Never got taxed either
  10. I've only had good experiences buying rom overseas. Just make sure you try on similar styles in a shop first, and make sure there is no difference in Aussie vs American sizing (usually not). I bought some stuff from New Enough and found them great to deal with.

    On the import duty issue, you won't be charged anything unless the order total (including shipping I think) exceeds AU$1000. Some stores may mark packages as a gift or similar to avoid tax, but most won't. If you have several articles shipped together in sepparate boxes from one supplier, I think they count that as one shipment for import duty.
  11. Shipping isn't included re: import taxes. So long as the net value of the goods does not exceed the $1000AUD mark, it WILL pass through (as quoted by Customs), but occasinally Australia Post will open it for inspection and will reseal it and mark it as opened and inspected for prohibited imports.
  12. I'm in the process of sourcing a Joe Rocket textile jacket from the states, I have been quoted $84usd for shipping, does this seem a bit much for a jacket?
    Can anyone tell me what shipping rates are usually.
    ball park figures are ok.
  13. Shipping has usually cost me about 16% of the net price via air mail using US Mail. It will always go on weight, but variables can be the way they ship it too. If it goes via FedEx that could explain the high cost, as these guys are pretty pricey, being private couriers
  14. I paid $150 for my Teknic jacket and $54 postage.

    Still comes in well under RRP of anything similar in Australia.
  15. Is that $54 postage american or Australian dollars?
  16. Done this numerous times. Freight depends on what company they use and how it is actually shipped. My Joe Rocket cost around $60 to freight as it is quite a heavy jacket and took only 5 days to get here on Fed Ex.
  17. Yes $84 seems high... I had a backpack shipped from Illonois came in a 40x40x60mm box weighed 2kg and was through US Mail for $45. As above poster mentioned Fed Expensive I don't think origin state matters, unless it's Alaska or Hawaii the shipping costs shouldn't vary.
  18. Who is the freight company and what store Caz.. Try www.bikebandit.com they are the one i use..
  19. I bought my first Icon leather jacket from the States and they charged me $20 US

    I recently bought a textile Icon jacket and I was charged $45 US

    It still ends up cheaper than buying them here. Not to mention, Oz doesn't have the style's I bought
  20. Buying most of the 'bling' for my bike from the states as well. They just dont have the variety nor the availability for 06 model stuff.