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Anyone imported parts eg pipe?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CD2, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at the cost of a yoshi trs in the US and it looks like i can get it for $500 AUS. Thats much cheaper than here.

    Any done it?
  2. Not a pipe, but seats, luggage, various chrome bits.

    Get a firm price for postage as these can vary - the extra few $'s for insurance is a must have.

    Customs now supposedly don't look at anything valued less than $1,000 so no GST and ask sender to write "Spare Parts"

    Only issue is ya gotta wait - but the extra cash is nice to have.
  3. Then you have to take into the freight price as well. The only overseas pipe i got was not from the US.

    Cheers :cool:
  4. I've ordered spare parts over the Net, from the USA, arrived in less than two weeks...but Toecutter is correct...check they are not charging $75 USA Fed Ex express, a lot of online companies do.
    The bike shop I ordered parts from just sent it from their local post office to save me money.
    You might also look at Singapore and Hong kong and Thailand, they also have motorcycle shops that sell stuff to overseas customers. Heaps of sports bike riders in Thailand.
    I will say however that the American bike shops are very honest in my experience.
  5. We have bought heaps on e-bay, from the UK, USA and Germany. I have also bought gear from the UK and never paid customs on anything we have brought in, either new or used. As said Insurance is also a necessity.

    The only thing I would say about buying from the US is when we were bringing in a seat unit - it was oversize and the freight went to ridiculous levels. Solution was to take the pillion pad off and have the purchaser bolt it in from underneath - it then fell within US postal service size specs, otherwise you may be looking at freight through UPS or TNT, etc and that can eat away at your savings considerably.
  6. Got my termi's from England.

    Legally you have to pay customs, but they normally don't charge ya, if it's a one off shipment.
  7. No you don't, that's all finished with unless goods are valued at more than one thousand Aussie dollars.

    Don't take my word for it, ring customs and ask them.

    Other Netriders have already pointed this out in a different thread.

    Some of us import from other countries on a regualr basis. :cool:
  8. Any sites you guys can suggest?
  9. I got one a month or so back, a Yoshi carbon TRS for my Gixxer. To my door it was about $470 AUD (inc freight, etc). It was brand new and arrived in perfect condition, they're twice the price here so I'm pretty happy with what it cost me. I got it on eBay, just watch the freight costs, they can be steep.

    I've got plenty of bike stuff from eBay in the past, bike alarm for just under $500, smoked double bubble windscreen, all arrived perfect with no dramas from customs, etc.

    As long as you're prepared to take the risk (i.e. 'cos you can't physically inspect it first) then its a good cheap source of bike stuff :)


  10. Hey another good site is www.hardracing.com I got an Arkapovic for my '05 ZX6R for AU$670 delivered I think. In local shops the pipe was almost AU$1200.

    They do orders by fax and I found them very good. It also only took 4 business days to receive, faster than my local shop could get one in!
  11. Be aware of units of measurement from the US. If the site doesn't clearly state metric, then assume its imperial.
  12. Also jump on some US bike sights (for your bike) and see if they have had good experience with the people you might deal with. I know a few comp. take forever to send stuff even when they have ya money

    Cheers :cool:
  13. one of the guys on another forum ordered a pipe from the states and got it here no probs. he ordered a yoshi rs3 for his 12 and saved a shit load..
  14. hey there i know a guy in balarat who can get yoshis for about that price
    pm if u want further info
  15. road rocket bring in a lot