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anyone here work in a shop that sells TV's?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by wayno, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. looking at getting a 60" LG plasma part number 60PG70FD, can anyone help me with a good price?

    sydney, wollongong, newcastle area
  2. I don't but I have this TV and it is awesome, I got it a few months ago
  3. what did you pay if you don't mind me asking?, best i have so far is $4050 at bing lee bankstown
  4. yeah I got it as a whole set but the price at harvey norman was $4100, so $4050 is a good price. Always offer real cash and see if that works!
  5. Nothing at Harvey Norman is ever going to come at a good price. The Good Guys are generally heaps better and for cold hard cash they will lower their price. Some will discount more than others so it might be worth asking at more than one store. :)

    4 grand for a telly! :shock: I'm hoping to buy a car for that. :eek:
  6. I work in an Electronics store, we don't sell those TV's but we have access to them from suppliers so I could get a trade price for you to help you haggle em.
  7. how do you find it on free to air tv?
    blacks any good?

    i have only seen it playing blueray stuff at the shops.

    still undecided to get this or the 50" piopneer lx508

  8. There's a very interesting real world out there in ultra high definition?
  9. Free to air, I only watch high def free to air. I also upgraded my Foxtel to HD as well. This is the biggest issue with a large screen TV, the picture quality from SD is crap. DVD is OK but iwll be upgrading to blueray soon.

    Is the Pioneer better? Side by side you will probably notice a difference but once it is at home?

    Yeah it is a lot of money for a TV but it is something I have wanted for a long time and I can afford it. Plus I watch a lot of sport and movies with the kids. Oh boy you should try XBOX360 on it!

    Everyone has their own priorities.
  10. If youre comparing the LG to the Pioneer, dont even bother. The Pioneer is by far and away the best TV on the market today. I have nothing against the LG but side by side with the Pioneer, there is no comparison.

    You should be able to pick the LX508 up for around $4500. With a 5 year warranty. But there is a new model coming in a few months. The new one will be the last of the real pioneers before they switch over to the panasonic plasma panel and also start releasing their LCD TVs.

    The new one will be here in October i believe and will be the new slim design. 60mm thick. Very nice looking TV. They just released the 60mm 60" plasma and it is incredible so the the new 50" should yield the same improvements over the LX508. Not sure on pricing yet tho. Cool little feature with the new model is ethernet connectivity. Full control of the TV over IP. Which is pretty cool for some people. Imagine your TV sending you an email to let you know that it has developed a fault!! And from my perspective, if a client refuses to pay a bill, I can log into his TV over IP and turn it off until his bill is paid! Pretty cool idea.

    If i were you id give myself two options.

    Wait to see the new model and purchase that if you like it.

    Wait for the new model to be released and snap up the 508 then at a bargain price. Stores WILL sell at a loss to move out of date stock. Especially TVs as they change so quickly.

    Or you could look at the 5 Series Samsung Full HD plasma. Thats what I have. You would get one for around $2600-2700. Theyre a bees dick behind the Pioneer now and for the money, theyre pretty hard to pass up.

    PM me if you want any info on TVs. Its what i do.
  11. The other evening I was wandering around Harvey Norman whilst I was waiting for some photo's to be developed. I strolled past the Plasma TV display and f#ck me dead is there some heat generated by those babies. By this stage I was intrigued as to actually how much power they consume and the salespersons lack of enthusiasm to further enlighten me only served to add to my curiosity. So I managed to stick my head around the back of a couple of them (much to the sales persons displeasure) to discover they suck up to around 500watts of power. No wonder they radiate some warmth. I have formulated a plan based on this new found knowledge. I think I will purchase two and this will supply all the cosy warm fuzzy feeling entertainment required over these cold winter evenings. What happens when summer comes around? I'll let you know when I figure it out :wink: