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Anyone here use iWork 08/09?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JP, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Picking up an iMac for Uni sometime this week and I've noticed that iWork 09 has just been released. Does anyone here use the 08 or 09 version? If so, what is the compatibility like going to and from MS Office documents?
    I've heard some good things about Pages (iWorks version of Word) and also Keynote (PowerPoint equivalent) so hopefully I can rely on them for Uni assignments because I get really frustrated with Office sometimes. I'm just a little bit hesitant to buy an office suite that isn't MS Office as that's what everyone uses.
    So if anyone uses iWork and can comment on compatibility with Office that would be great :grin:

  2. no. no one here works. they just post on NR. :grin:
  3. iWork is compatible with Word. But that's about it. I've only used it a few times and each time it didn't handle the Word formatting correctly.

    They do make a version of Word for Mac and that's supposed to handle the formatting better, but some people do still find issues with stability.
  4. I have iWork and to be honest it's much nicer to use than Microsoft Office, but there are still formatting issues so if this is critical to you maybe you should pick up a copy of Microsoft Office for OS X.

    Also Excel is a lot more powerful than Numbers although numbers is easier for new users.

    FWIW I think Keynote is better than Power Point (maybe that just shows how far from being a presentation power user I am though!).
  5. May I ask what version of iWork are you using? 08 or the new 09? I read they've fixed the compatibility issues with the new version. I think I'll buy it, and if I run into problems I have an old version of Office for Mac I can use
  6. Google, office for mac, torrent client, download, install, Office Mac ;)
  7. and wait for feds to call
  8. JP I'm using 08, I have got the trial version of 09 but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

    If they've fixed the compatibility issues then that would be a start :)
  9. You're never going to get full MS office compatibility as MS keep changing the format, and the reverse engineering has to start again...

    I wouldn't be so worried about the feds on unlicensed office install MS are really lax about office as the more people that are using it at home, the more they can push the one suite message to business.
  10. hehe, you're funny.

    Srsly though, I would go for open office.