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Anyone here ride with the Melbourne sportsbike riders club??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Hey all - just wondering if any here are with the Melb sports riders club. Met a bunch of them yestereday at Euroa and am thinking of heading off on a ride with them Sunday fortnight. Great bunch of guys!

  2. I just dont get it :? :? ur nick says your from NT but ur asking about melb?? Im not part of any sportsbike club but wouldnt mind checking a few out.
  3. These blokes? http://ariel.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/

    CamKawa goes out with them a fair bit, said he couldn't believe the pace when he first started. All fast bikes, all sticky tyres. But if they're inviting you along on your 250, I'm sure they'll look after you. I've been meaning to get out and have a ride with them.... But weekends have been stupid busy.
  4. Yeah, that's them. I met Ben and the others yesterday at Euroa and then again in Yea. Had a chat with them and he told me about the club.

    I think Ben realises I'm not someone who's going to try and keep up with the rest of them. I've told him that if I'm holding them up for too long I'll soon realise and will go off on my own merry way to wherever. :)

    Friendly as bunch of guys Loz. :)

    fastkid - NT's not that far from Melb! :wink:
  5. Also fastkid dont you think she should wait till shes 18 to be riding on the road :shock: , bloody northern teritory and there stupid licensing laws :p
  6. I have been out with them many times, the regulars are all very experienced guys who make good time over a large number of twisty kilometers. Fun, but keep your wits about you regards road hazards which can sneak up on you on those back roads. Don't try to go above your abilities to keep up. The folks will make sure you don't get lost as long as you follow the corner marking..
  7. I'll soon realise if I'm out of my league. Not long after I'll be sayin 'seeya'. :LOL: I've no intentions of riding above my abilities..been there done that and it's not my thing anymore. Gonna head along to the ride on the 30th for a look see.
  8. I rode with them for about 6 years, starting from about 12 or 13 years ago now, and it's where I picked up most of my road riding skills. They were known as the Motorcycle Touring Club of Victoria back then. I still attend the odd ride with them, but am no longer a member. I guess I still ride with them often enough (3-4x/year) to probably sign up.

    They are all very experienced road riders, riding roads of all conditions through the country-side. They rarely hang around the usual sportsbike haunts close to the city, instead preferring to go on 300-550kms day trips further afield.

    To those new to the group, yes, they appear to ride very fast. This is not due to any balls out ego involved, but more a factor of years and years of practise of riding on roads of all conditions and honing the skills of reading the road quickly, allowing for rapid progress through even technical roads. They are not rice-boy racers (although they do ride sportsbikes), and if you want to go and show off how quick you are, you'll either crash trying to show off because your head's not in the right space (all ego and no focus), or you'll succeed purely because they're not out to race anyone. Most have been riding for so long that they're well beyond the point where they'll risk their lives chasing down some suicidal nut who's determined to prove himself, or imprint himself against the scenery while trying.

    If you do ride with them, their corner marking system means that you can almost always travel at your own pace provided you've progressed past the point of wobbling through corners. Their rides are not really learner friendly at all, unless you're a very confident learner rider.

    So yeah, go along to one of their rides. Pack the ego away first though. Remember that it's not a competition. Accept that yes, there are people out there who make riding very fast look effortless, and that it only comes from years of practise. You can either walk away with a deflated ego (many do), or you can persist and learn something.

    So why aren't I a member? The main reason for me comes down to family. They ride every Sunday, and I found that more often than not that my family came first on Sunday's, and mid-week rides are where it's at for me now.
  9. Yes i have riden with them and yes good bunch of people,Yes it is at a sprited pace but there corner marking worked well and we didnt loose anybody.While there was 2 punctures on the run that i did it was profesionally handled and both times the bikes were fixed and on there way with in 10 minutes.If you are a new rider they do novice and pillion rides which may suit you better,see website for details. :wink:
  10. lol @ ego - I don't need to prove anything to these guys. They already reckon I'm a champion...(with the amt of touring I do). :LOL: That'll do for me. :LOL:

    I'd like to hopefully learn a few things off them over time (If I stick around) - but I'm really just going for the company. They were really nice guys. :grin:

    edited to add: anyway, they left Euroa before me and I arrived in Yea before them and I'm pretty sure we did the same route to get there. ;) NO..I wont go into details of why I beat them. haha.
  11. Yeah they've got a learner's ride on this Saturday which I'd love to go to - would be a great introduction - but can't.
  12. Wasn't saying that you necessarily had an ego, but this being a public forum, I felt it necessarily to explain my thoughts on the matter to whoever else might read this, since in my time with them I've seen plenty of new riders come and crash trying to keep up by riding beyond their abilities. The club members don't expect anyone to ride above their abilities. It's entirely the rider's fault if they have that perception, and that's what I wanted to warn about.

    Seen it happen too often.
  13. Ah. Yes. There's me and my ego thinking it was aimed solely at me. :LOL: :oops:

    Good advice though. Hopefully people listen. :)

    Also, the guys that were there didn't come across as being 'racer boys'. Tis one of the things I liked about their style. :)
  14. I remember few years ago, heading down some backroads to the GOR and coming up to this group.. lol at the name for when they were called Touring, as there was nothing Trouing about the pace.. lol sitting on high 200's to pass them. It is hard when you catch a decent size group of riders, because if you overtake the leader (and you are not a part of the group), others within the group might follow you thinking that it is time to race..

    So I just stuck with the group for a while till i had an oppurtunity to take off on a different road.

    Have also done a trackday or 2 with some members of the group, and had lunch with them a few times at Apollo Bay.. seem like a likeable bunch..

    I also use to do the every sunday ride thing down too the GOR, or various parts of Vic with another group of riders.. It is amazing the cost involved, in sticky tyres, services etc.. So now days I go out for a ride maybe once or twice a month..
  15. Yep, did my first ride with them to Lavers Hill on Sunday September 9th, at FLUX's invitation.

    Everything FLUX said. One 250 (VTR250 from memory) attended the ride, and did pretty well except for straight fast sections. Everyone else was on larger bikes. Very well organised and executed ride. Fun as well.

    As they all said, they were there for the riding, not the socialising. Stops were for practical reasons, and lunch was at Lavers Hill store/petrol station. No pandering to creature comforts for them. :!:
  16. Good to hear about the VTR250 Roderick. :wink:

    Ben told me that riders are welcome as long as they're able to maintain the legal speed limits into wind, up hills and through twisties...and when they say maintain the legal speed limit, they mean you being comfortable and experienced riding at that pace in those sections. Not pushing yourself past your limits in an attempt to ride at 100kph in a 100 twisty zone.