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Anyone here live near melb CBD and like to help me out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by methd, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I just picked up my new bike (1198S) and while my R1 is still in the garage, I want to do a shoot with the both of them side by side (tonight @ 5PM).

    I need someone's help to ride them across the city (4 blocks) and take pics for an hour @ Docklands.

    If it helps, I'm happy to do a free shoot with 'your' bike at a later date.

    To give you an idea.... I'm a full time professional photographer, and here's a couple pics of the last shoot I did.



    If you're interested, and I know it's late notice, please call me on 0403199118.
  2. Argh! I'm usually able to help out almost any day (I'm paid to kick back at home with a shoulder injury that still lets me ride :grin: ), live 5 min walk from the MCG but we're doing a working bee at my place tonight. House inspection 9am tomorrow so it's getting tidied up and with my shoulder injury, pregnant wife, we kinda rely on a little outside help atm.

    BAD BAD timing, any other day and I would most likely be able to help!
  3. Cheers anyway :)

    I'm going to take the Duke there in any case, i just wanted both while they're still there. If anyone is in the area and want their bike photographed, come down for a yarn or two!
  4. maybe change the title to "who wants to ride my R1" and youll get more readers :p
  5. Just walked in but I would have been happy to do it.

    Sorry dude hope it worked out ok.
  6. that's cool.. just a bit too eager to shoot it. always have next week :)

    I took some pics of the Duke with a friend of mine (he doesn't have a bike license).

    Here are a couple I liked:


  7. Nice pics :)
  8. nice pics,
    will you photoshop the front tyre ?
  9. Great shots. Wish I wasn't working.
  10. unfortunately I don't use photoshop for that purpose... maybe redo it next week with clean tyres!
  11. Mint bike............ and nice pics. For a customer what would it cost to get some shots like that done of car or bike??
  12. what dslr u using? and what lense
  13. Very nice.

    Wish I could have made it now.
  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'
    dam great pics

    =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~
  15. My guess is that the lens is a long one maybe a 70-200 f2.8? Could be a medium format camera? Could also be tranies and not digital...!
  16. Definitely a nikon digital
    # Camera Make = NIKON CORPORATION
    # Camera Model = NIKON D3
    # Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 1/200 second = 0.005 second
    # Lens F-Number/F-Stop = 2/1 = F2
    # ISO Speed Ratings = 200
    # Original Date/Time = 2009:04:14 16:57:40
    # Shutter Speed Value (APEX) = 7643856/1000000
    Shutter Speed (Exposure Time) = 1/200 second
    # Aperture Value (APEX) = 2/1
    Aperture = F2
    # Flash = Flash did not fire
    # Focal Length = 2000/10 mm = 200 mm

    exif info is a wonderful thing.
    Pity he shoots with a nikon.

    Nice contrasty pics
    what lighting did you use for those?
    Raw workflow or straight jpg?
  17. I used a D3 and 200 F2 lens for those pics.
  18. I'm really a wedding photographer and do this sort of work on the side (for fun). If it's friends, I don't really charge, but people I don't know, I'd usually quote about $150ish and they get all the photos.
  19. hah - i don't usually leave exif on, but it was still ticked from my last export... :)

    The first shot is taken with two remote flashes, one at 1/2 strength from the front of the bike, and the other at 1/4 strength from the left of the bike. They were fired using pocketwizards.

    The second photo has one flash @ 1/16 from the left.

    I shoot RAW to correct whitebalance and exposure and edit the photos in lightroom.
  20. i was going to say u must have good lighting for a 1/200 shot, but u just answered it