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Anyone here have a career in Customs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ramjet, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. This may be a longshot but you never know..

    Wondering if anyone here is a Customs officer or had experience in the Customs industry?

    I've been interested in the challenge of taking on this line of work for a while now and have done a fair bit of research on it. The diversity of the role attracts me.

    any thoughts?

  2. Coleen is.

    Not sure if she still reads netrider though.
  3. Ah the customs officer, I almost got fined for accidentally having a slice of salami in my lunch box witch i thought i emptied.

    But I got through customs (last year) as a 17 year old unaccompanied minor with about $200 worth of liquor.
  4. Amusing? yes
    Helpful? no

    OP have you checked the customs website?
    I am seriously considering a career change but the money is half what I'm earning now.
  5. Yeah my beautiful girl friend is. (Colleen) her user name is Queenankly im sure if you pm her she could answer some of your questions hehe.
    She loves it. I have even thought about it after seeing what she gets to do.

  6. Ive been meaning to ask Collen for some confiscated contraband Ed :LOL: With a little persuasion, never know, looks like we might be onto a willing donour here:LOL: free confiscated fish n seafood for all :squid:
  7. My sister-in-law worked in customs for a few years. It was the slackest job ever when she was there. The only blokes who weren't taking three hour lunches and playing scratch volleyball all afternoon were the weird mole-like individuals who had burrowed their way into the job of screening all the incoming DVDs for illegal p0rn. They were extremely thorough, and they all seemed to have tongues too big for their mouths. She still shudders to speak of them.

    She was hoping to move to the federal police so she could wander around with a dog all day but that never happened. She found one piece of 'contraband' in her years of service - some Indian woman had brought in a curry plant she wasn't supposed to have. Beers were on her that night.

    She used to say how the big drug busts were almost never anything to do with customs intel, sleuth work or random searches. 99.999% of the time, people would get caught because somebody rooted somebody's missus. Time and again, these drug dealers rooted each other's sheilas and got dobbed on. It was like clockwork.

    So yeah I don't know how much of a "challenge" you'll find there but if you like a bit of a loaf, and things haven't changed, you could be in for a nice cushy govt job.
  8. Ahhhh that would be Quarantine douche bag! :p
    If I had a nickel........
  9. Love ya Loz! Miss ya heaps :grin:
    ....but..... Ramjet dont listen to this dribble.... :p
    Drop me a line and I'll fill you in on all the good and bad of the job, and for the record I'm not a loaf and there's some great things we do.

    ie/ in the THREE WEEKS, I've strapped on the gun; flown in a chopper over the torres straits; executed a number of search warrants with the police and customs drug dog; searched/cleared aircraft; driven a Queensland Police boat while intercepting and searching vessels at sea; driven around and been aboard an ACV (Australian Customs Vessel); towed a dinghy as all occupants were stoned or drunk (and hence taken the driver into custody); been involved in an operation that found drugs; participated in a community awareness presentation day; cooked, camped out and cleaned with team members; done paperwork; answered phones; sat in an office with a view............................................
    ....................................................can I go on? And seriously thats in the last three weeks. Oh and I curently pay no rent and get two holidays a year :grin: :p Public service sucks hey?!!!

    Oh and Customs dont do random searches, its almost always about your intel or your gut!
  10. Awww shucks...Love you baby xoxo
  11. What QueenAnkly says is spot on. I'm ex-Customs. I've worked Melbourne Airport and Boarding ships here too. Both jobs were dynamic and interesting, and like any job, if your keen, you will have fun.

    I certainly haven't had the same experiences as QA as different regions required different tactics and logistics. What Customs offers is a diverse workplace with lots of chances for interesting work. Boarding ships was great as it really showed you stuff you don't see elsewhere. The airport was very dynamic but a pain in the arse to get to from Frankston. :grin:

    The structure at Customs, as I recall was very supportive of its staff and the morale was high. I left to pursue other interests, and I have had fun elsewhere but am now considering returning.

    Good luck with your search for information. If you chose the ACS then all the best with your application.

    Cheers, :grin:

    ps. As QA mentioned. Food and plants are dealt with by Quarantine. :roll: :LOL:

  12. what's the pay like and what chances does someone who has been a chalkie the ast 20 years have of getting into customs? ie 44 yo but still young.
  13. The lowest govt pay rate is about 34k PA, but you'd have to very low down to get that kind of a salary.


    Check that out. After your first year you get 38-48k plus a whole bunch of generous allowances.

    Why not send in an application? What's the first that can happen?

    Question for QueenAnkly, do the graduates do any hands on stuff at all or is it all just sitting inside an office?
  14. Basic pay was not good but when you factor in shift allowances and other extras it becomes quite good. It can be found on page 10 of this document: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4256

    I recall that the wages at the airport were great because of the shift allowances as you are on a rotating shift system.

    When I joined, Customs had a selection process that took the best candidate for the spot regardless of age. We had a few trainees in my class in a similar position. I was 31 and we had people in their 40's. I believe they see the benefit of having people with life experience.

    Good luck with your application should you decide to give it a go.

  15. It really depends, a friend I work with up here is a graduate and she really fought to get out of Canberra and into the regions. I would have to research it more but from what she said its quite difficult and therefore its harder to do the more interesting work unless you get to outports. But also a lot of "canberra" people probably dont want to be in the regions so if you push for it you should be sweet. Plus at certain times there are shortages in the regions so you can only try.
    You can check the website and I can do further research if you like :grin:
  16. I used to work with customs and AQIS in the Mail Centre in Darwin and they had heaps of interesting work to do.

    I would love to do it myself but I could never get my fitness up enough to do the beep test for the Army so I don't think I would ever make it for the customs fitness test.

    QA you are up around my home turf
    our school holidays were spent with friends and family on TI
    sure do miss it :cry:

  17. Thanks QA. I'm considering it, the job sounds pretty interesting, I'm just wondering how good the grad program is though.

    Do you know what progression is like for the grads who've gone through the program? Is it really fast tracked, any idea what APS level you get upto within 5 or 10 years there?

  18. Hey Nakkas, The grad program is a fast track. Once completed you are a senior officer Level 2 (APS 4-5 I think) wage range is $54,000 - $63,000. It starts at 54,000 and goes up 3% every year, until the top wage band. Obviously to go higher in level/aps and wage you have to apply for and win a promotion. This seems to be pretty easy in canberra, they seem to pass out promotions like its candy down there :grin:
  19. Sounds like a great job, do you need any kind of qualification/degree to get in?

    How many people typically apply? How hard is it to get in?