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Anyone here getting COD modern warfare 2?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dane75, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. I am quite keen to get my copy, should be pretty huge... as long as it lives up to the hype

  2. Hell yeah, if I can get a copy.
  3. Really looking forward to it, remember from the original where your in a plane firing down with mini-guns and cannons? Well you can play this game co-op, one in the air, one on the ground.
  4. yeah it's looking pretty sweet..... not that I'll be getting some of the higher kill streaks easily though.

    I am converting my old clan into more of a social gaming group as we aren't competitive enough to play in tournaments anymore... new members are welcome to join if you want a bit of a laugh and casual muck around
  5. Havent been gaming since COD4 lol. COD5 was just not worthy of the title name.
    Defo getting 6. I'm sure it will be a cracker.
  6. [​IMG]

    Cod warfare?
  7. I will not be buying COD6 although i do have 4 and 5.
    I have not been the biggest fan of the COD series since installment no. 2.
    COD5 was almost like a modder had spent a few weeks re-skinning COD4 and adding a few little features, activision sold this off to the PC gamer as a brand new game.

    I have been an active clan leader for a battlefield 2 clan for the last 3 years, with my wife heavily involved in gaming as well, both running her own BF2 clan, and shout casting clan matches via internet radio, (netgameradio).
    (Yes, it is good having a wife that games, although I've gotta compete for upgrades, my staintune muffler vs her video card, lol).

    Activision have dropped the ball with COD6 offering no dedicated server support for multiplayer. The only way to play multiplayer will be a console type self hosted game.

    IMHO battlefield bad company 2 will shit all over the latest COD offering, it is due to be released in march 2010. It offers dedicated servers to the PC community. I will save my money and hope that it's worth the wait.
  8. I've got COD4, but I won't be getting COD6 for the reasons listed above. I had some fun with COD5, but didn't see enough in it to warrant its purchase.

    I'm also still addicted to BF2, so adopting any new FPS will be difficult.
  9. "Oops, sorry dude... heheheh."

    "Oops, sorry dude... heheheh."

    "Oops, sorry dude... heheheh."

    "Oops, sorry dude... heheheh."
  10. I'm boycotting. Removing dedicated servers and retarding the multiplayer to max 9v9 matches with no mods or recording is utter BS.

    Then again I guessing most of you are console users?
  11. Have got xbox 360 and PC, thinking of selling the xbox to upgrade the PC. I think games are better on PC (but upgrading every 2-3 years sucks).
  12. PC; I agree. No dedicated server is retarded.
  13. I'll play it for the offline factor.

    I'd have to say that PC users certainly have a larger fanbase and better servers, however you will always get the group of idiots who will ruin the game by cheating due to PC hacks etc.

    Console gamers have minimum if not NIL game exploits for online play. You know everyone is on a level playing field and if you get smashed, at least you know for sure they're legitimate.
  14. Finished it today, and a little unimpressed. Other than the ability to control a predator drone and fire AGM missiles at the bad guys (and somehow the tiny little drone can carry 30+ of these big ass missiles) it didn't have any of the flashy "WOW" moments that the first one did. And it seems all the camera stuff, radios and cool toys are gone too. I honestly thought the first Modern Warfare was a much better game.

    Maybe I'm just getting harder to impress.
  15. No, I'm playing borderlands instead. Pretty fun :)
  16. man that looks like a top game. I might actually buy it!
  17. ditto - finished the first run through last night. Gunslinger mods and revolvers ftw :D
  18. No no, Bigass unlimited ammo lightning gun ftw ;)
  19. I will boycott COD6 until they fix multiplayer.

    I hope L4D2 will be good.
  20. I had planned on getting it for the PS3.

    But I'm replaying and replaying and replaying Drake's Fortune 2...