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Anyone here from Wimmera/Mallee Region Vic?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Elaress, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I am new to Netrider and live in the Wimmera region of Victoria (1/2 way between Melbourne and Adelaide) and was wondering if there are any others in this area.
    I got my L's last August and my bike (White Yamaha XVS650AY 2009 model) in September last year under the new Vic LAMs Scheme. I love it. I've only done just over 5000 k's on it as I live within walking distance to work so only get to ride it on weekends. My hubby has a Black Yamaha XVS1100 (2008 model). We have done a couple of longish rides, the longest being to Gippsland over Easter (700 k's one way). We recently rode to the Mildura Wintersun Rally over the Queens B'day weekend - got soaking wet on the ride up there as it rained the first 220 k's, but we both enjoyed the ride thoroughly.
    It would be good to meet up with any other riders in our area. We will be going to the 'Up the Creek' rally on the first weekend of July (at Jung - not far from Horsham). It should be a good weekend too.
    We are also planning on riding over to WA in October this year, so if anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated. Our plan is to do around 500k's a day. :grin:

  2. welcome

    Im sure there are a few near you.

    Plenty of tips floating around on long rides. maybe write another thread somewhere else, giving us a idea on what you plan to do, tent/motel etc. n a rough idea of route or if you plan on making any detours etc. what you have in mind in gear, what your taking etc. and we;ll fill in the gaps
  3. welcome Elaress :)
  4. Hi Elaress
    How you doing? :grin:

    Sounds like you'll have to blog the WA trip for us. (pic are a given :wink: )

  5. welcome to NR :grin:
  6. I am hoping to have a good video camera by then so will be recording as well as taking photos of the trip. I will make sure I give a good ride report for you all to read. :grin:

    Thanks to all for your warm welcomes, too.
  7. Sounds the go, Elaress. :)

  8. I don't live in the Mallee anymore, but when I was growing up we owned the Pub in Rainbow, then another one in Horsham, before moving to the big smoke.
  9. I probably shouldn't do the Mallee Root joke. you have all probably heard it.
  10. Yeah - that's an old one....been done to death... :p
    Thanks anyway. :grin:
  11. We live 74 ks west of Horsham, so you probably know the area pretty well. We stopped in Rainbow a few weeks ago on our way to Mildura - it was pouring rain and we were soaking wet!!! But we had fun. :cool:
  12. Plan your fuel stops & carrying capacity well!