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anyone here from other riding club/groups/orgs etc

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fred gassit, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. is anyone on this forum a ulysses or MRA or kawasaki sport riders club, or HOG or any other denomination pertaining to bikes

    crickey, thats a MOUTH FULL :p
  2. There's plenty of OFARC members and a few NIPPLES members.

    Plus lots of MRA folk and a sprinkling of big tough real bikie gang members like Groberts, don't mess with him.
  3. Kawasaki Sportsbike Riders' Club.... AKA KSRC :)
  4. 90% of Sydney Netriders also belong to oroadsports
  5. i am a ksrc member
  6. yeah, what about others, like mummies club, or the need to be home soon club


    what about can we change the ride date cous i'm washing me hair

    that sort of stuff
  7. opps, what about people who ride RED BMW bikes,

    i think that in itself deserves a club,


    tony, looking your way
  8. yeah, me too, fat barstad all the way,

    allways with a skin full of piss
  9. Ulysses club member http://www.ulysses.org.au/

    Post a lot on the aus.motorcycles NNTP news group (as G-S)

    Post a fair bit on the ocau.mc web forum (also on the regular OCAU forum)
    http://www.overclockers.com.au/mc/forums/ (as Geoff-3DMN) http://forums.overclockers.com.au/ (as Geoff3DMN)

    AIGOR (Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register) mailing list member (mostly lurk here). http://home.pacific.net.au/~cusacks4/aigor/ (as G-S)

    Despite owning a Kawasaki and a Yamaha I am a member of neither owners club (never saw the point of artificial clubs like these).
  10. fair call ther mate.

    lots out there, but i think we need a club like this


    posts pertaining to this:

    can we change it
    its too early
    got the kids this weekend
    price of fuel is too high
    dont know that run
    can we go latter in the day
    its too hot for a ride

    and they are just some of the dribblers that are members,

    do you see yourself as one of these, if so, please reply so i can take the piss out of ya
  11. Netrider

    and last but not lest


  12. Add to that list .... "It's rainin' .. the bike'll get dirty and it's too hard ta wash it!!!"

    Wash it??? WASH IT??? .. FFS!!!! ... just ride the effen thing .. next time it rains it'll get a wash!!!! Sheesh!!!
  13. Oops ... forgot the list ...


    Monarchs MCC
    Kawasaki Z Owners Club
    Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
    Ulysses Club
    Riders of the Southern Cross


    Kawasaki Eliminator Riders Association
    Eliminators Burn Rubber
    Eliminators GB
    ZRX Forum

    Plus assorted MSN Bike related groups ...
  14. See the sig...
  15. aus.motorcycles newsgroup
    www.ozfirestorm.com forum
    OCAU.mc forum (mostly lurk here)
  16. New to here, Ulysses, KSRC, Kawasaki riders club, poster on MCNEWS.COM.AU :wink: 8)
  17. WIMA ( womens International Motorcycling Assoc. )
    WominX ( online club )

  18. Man, im out of it.

    I thought Rondald MC Donald had his own news site.

    Wheres me Mc Motorbike ya Mc Bastard
  19. Club:
    Ducati Owners Club of Victoria (DOCV)


    ...despite owning neither, although hopefully there will be an SV650S with my name on it in the next few weeks 8)