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Anyone here a professional auto sprayer who can fix fuel tank plz? Swap for fairings or other stuff

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tailsy, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here in Melbourne is a professional repairer/sprayer who can fix up the scratches and respray and replace the decal on my mc22 honda cbr 250 tank please?

    I can offer a set of mc 19 repsol ducktails and nose cone in exchange or maybe other stuff please depending on what you are after? I'm low on money at the moment.. so that is why I'm asking for a direct trade.
    Other stuff I got is:
    -serviced mongoose bmx
    -bicycle parts
    -bicycle servicing
    -gaming consoles like modded ps1, ps2, xbox original, nintendo 64, super nintendo, nintendo ds.
    -remote controller big 68cm helicopter plus some smaller ones too,
    -computer parts and accessories
    -vintage French violin
    -treasure chest jewellery box
    -MAD magazine comics
    -scrap metal, copper, brass
    -pokemon books
    -golf clubs and accessories
    -original dvd movies
    -laser printer
    -canon photo selphy printer
    -personal training
    Plus other things depending on what you like..

    I'd really appreciate it.

  2. Hey Mate,

    I completely resprayed my MC22 not long ago including the tank.

    It's really not hard - why are you keen to outsource it?

    While it isn't hard it is pretty time consuming, so I doubt any professionals would be interested in what you're trading
  3. Hey.. are you in Melbourne Sikko? I don't think mine is such an easy job to do haha.. it is a nice green colour and I have no clue with how to spray properly!
  4. Yeah I am in Melbourne, but I don't think I'd be able to help you out as I do all of my work outside (no garage) and at this time of the year it's very hard to get good days to spray.

    Look up some youtube videos on motorcycle tank repair, there are some really good how-to's. You can also go to Autobarn or somewhere to have the paint mixed up to match.
  5. Na.. no way I will be doing it myself! I'm no good with prepping or spraying!.. :( I'm a newbie.. I'm female.. I'm not good with painting.. :( Please someone.. help me? :p
  6. Being female has nothing to do with it.. except with ease of some of the heavier items

    Pop-up gazebo, and some tarps. done.
  7. Yeah.. I struggle to get the tank off my bike by myself as a start.
  8. Honestly, it is incredibly easy and relatively cheap - do some research.

    When I did my tank I used a wire wheel in a drill to remove all paint to the bare metal which gave me a good starting point.

    I then built up layers of primer followed by paint with sanding inbetween until I was happy with it.

    Just prepare to get dusty and don't skimp on the paint. I used the automotive paint from Autobarn which has worked brilliantly.
  9. Na.. no way am I attempting to do it myself. :(

    This the mess that was made.. anyone here capable to fixing this up and respraying it and the decals please?

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  10. It sounds like your pride and joy, which almost everyone's bike is.. But, it may not be worth worrying about repairing, most 250 bikes have had scratches and dings. It's the nature of learner machines. The damage in the image appears pretty modest verses the expense to repair and in all honestly, probably won't detract that much value from the bike at sale time.

    It adds character too;-) ..
  11. any automotive panel beater/spray painter can do it. Go get a quote, failing that pop down your local Tafe(That has Automotive painting courses for apprentices), and source it out that way, you never know... Decal is a sticker iirc, under the clear coat.
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  12. I have been to a few local ones.. they are too expensive... I don't have the money at the moment.. need to save to get my clutch done on my car.. over a grand job.. so that is why I want to do a trade! Please!
  13. lol i just dropped $5k for a new-to-me engine for my car, we are all broke.

    Live with it, till you can afford to repair it, or sell your "trade" goods on flea-bay, or wait and pay to get it done later. It's not critical damage.
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  14. I know it is only a 250.. but I've had it for almost 10 years haha. I don't intend on getting a bigger bike. I hope the repsol look. Plus they are too hard to sell for a good price. I've kept it in good condition thus far.

    I got other things I need to sort out.. it is easier for me to do a direct trade instead of selling then using that money to pay.. because I will end up just using money from items I sell on other bills! :( Come on please.. someone? haha
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  15. Taking off the tank just after you filled it.. bad idea :whistle: heavy and it wobbles. Had to re-route some cabling, when I did some maintenance on mine.

    When the tank is empty.. there quite light.

    Most are just stickers, if that is what you are worrying about.. others you just make a template of what you want and trace, then fill in with a fine brush, then clear over the top.

    Do you wear nail polish? If so you know how to paint that decal.
  16. Na.. not just worrying about the stickers.. I'm worrying about the scratches on the tank too.. that need a bit of filler in them etc.

    I'm not a girly, girl lol.. Hardly ever wear nail polish.. I do a lot of work with my hands so they get dirty and greasy too often..
  17. In all honesty you aren't likely to find somebody that is willing to do the work as the things that you are offering for a trade aren't exactly worth anything. I could be wrong and hopefully somebody does help.

    The scratches don't require filler (unless they are dents, not scratches). All you need to do is sand back a little and use some touch up paint that you can get mixed at Autobarn or Bunnings. You can find decal's on ebay, I got one off there and it's great quality.
  18. My scratches do require a bit of filler.. I had someone look at them.. they aren't quite superficial.. a tiny dint where one of the scratches is.

    I saw some decal on ebay.. it matches my scheme but it says it is for a nsr 150.. would that fit my cbr 250 mc 22 tank??
  19. And to some people.. what I offer is valuable.. a mongoose bmx bike is valuable.. fairings are valuable.. retro gaming consoles like super nintendos.. nintendo 64s.. that is all valuable.. same with a lot of the other stuff.
  20. Small ding, you can just use primer in light layers and sand back flat building it up.

    Some thing like 80, 240, 600, 1000, 2000 grit. All depends on the finish you want with the steps.

    With sanding between coats, even with top coat.