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anyone heard of RoadSafe Barwon?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Roadsafe is an umbrella organisation for regional interest groups (usually councils etc.) to focus on road safety issues. Some of these regional groups are quite progressive. Some are nutters.

    The Geelong Advertiser has had it in for motorcyclists for decades. They were primarily responsible for getting the GOR speed limit reductions and made no secret that they wanted it to force riders away from the area. Don't be surprised if they are behind the whole story.

  2. Barwon Roadsafe, are a bunch of well meaning do gooders.
  3. Roadsafe Barwon used to be an excellent crowd and had some good people with a real knowledge of motorcycles there. Now though...A comment on the article from a friend of mine says it all.

    Sad for me as there is no motorcycle voice on what was a great committee I spent 10 years on it and it is now run by Vicroads – sorry “supported” by Vicroads . They “restructured “ the whole of Roadsafe over 2 years and wore many people down , hurt many who had put heart and soul into many areas such as pedestrians, and particular school programs – bloody pathetic I said it at the time and now coming home to roost .

    I've put some comments on the article on the website. I'll be interested to see if they get published. They particularly disassociate Ulysses from any of the crap mentioned about FNPs, mandatory gear etc and put the full extract they took from the submission I wrote which is:
    It is fair to say that motorcyclists are the only road users that have been forced to pay for their own safety. Comparing the relatively small amounts of non-levy money spent on motorcyclists with the $18 million per year that was allocated to cyclists the unfairness is immediately obvious. This is not an argument for spending less on cycling facilities, it is an argument for spending far more on motorcycles
  4. Roadsafe Barwon is nothing more than a couple of braindead numpties with a fax machine.
  5. I thought Harold Scruby was the pedestrian council... :confused:

    What's that quote about well meaning idiots being the worst thing ever? & how do we stop them?
  6. I'd like to introduce you to RoadSafe's Board of Management..

    Hans Harms - Metropolitan South East Region
    Hans Harms is a Senior Sergeant and has 30 years service with Victoria Police

    Ralph Willingham - North Eastern Region
    Senior Sergeant with Victoria Police, with 31 years service

    Noel Perry - Western Region
    Retired Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police

    Andrew Milbourne - Eastern Region
    He is a Leading Senior Constable with Victoria Police and has spen the past 11 years at the LatrobeTraffic Management Unit.

    Clay Drysdale - Northern Region
    Clay has been around Local Government as an engineer or manager for the past 20 years or so
  7. grrr, my most hated type of person.
  8. Time to start knitting biege cardies?
  9. We'd be better off all round if they just f... off.

    That's all I have to say on that really.
  10. Milbourne is foreever getting his mug on local television, spouting the usual line on road safety. Last I heard he was involved in a local driving school for children.

    The guy's a walking cliche.
  11. No the pedestrian council is Harold Scrubby and his fax machine. They are different fax machines.
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