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anyone heard of a Y2K bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rat man407, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. as the title says anybody ever heard of the Y2K bike?

  2. no, tell me more.
  3. yup,
    the coolest sounding bike ever
  4. Jay leno has one.
  5. Check out Jay Lenos Gararge,in the vidio section,he owns one.They modified it so it actualy worked in a less insane way.
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    Street legal, 320 horsepower, capable of accelerating over 200mph in less than 15 seconds for only $185K USD.

    World's Fastest Production Motorcycle.

  7. Yup about 8 years or so ago.
  8. they had it in some bike movie years ago (Torque?)(amiright?)
  9. wasnt the Y2K bike big back in the 1999/2000's but the company had a problem switching from a non digital (analogue) speedo to a diigital speedo cost a fortune to fix for no appraent reason. :bolt:
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  10. There's a blue one in the National Motorcycle Museum in QLD (or at least there was when I was in there a few months ago). It is quite a large bike, and the location of the exhaust would really limit its use (both in terms of location and how long you could ride it before your boots melted).
  11. Jet propulsion!
  12. Do they make a LAMS model??
  13. Actually it's not. It's a gas turbine driving the rear wheel, and very different to something being driven purely by thrust.
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    Nice vid accurately showing the bikes abilities :)
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  15. when your on a bike that only helicopter and jets can keep up with i don't think it matters to much if it is lams or not
  16. bahahahahahahahaa **** you had me there for a minute.

    I cant imagine this thing has anything like the kind of throttle response of a IC bike? i mean can you really roll on the throttle on a jet bike you can a IC bike? im guessing its more for straight lines considering its got a swingarm about a mile long.
  17. No it's not, not being eligible for the Production Motorcycle category being a specially made bike or something. Fastest is still the unrestricted '99-'00 Hayabusa thanks to the gentleman's agreement to limit top speed.

  18. Not to mention the fact that they're built using secondhand engines.
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    they always complain about how un realistic it is in the y2k's ability.....

    WHAT ABOUT THE HARLEY!!!!!! no they dont handle like that or have a hope of keeping up with the y2k's speed
  20. I don't know how much money I'd have to own before I'd seriously think about buying one, but it'd be a lot.

    It'd also be fun to go out on, just to watch other people's reaction. Except the man in the blue shirt. He'd have a field day, no matter what paperwork you had with you.