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Anyone Heard a Spada Like this??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by aimre, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I recently got my hands on a cheap spada, and cant really see myself spending more on a muffler than i did for the bike. I found this pic online. Anyone ever heard one like this, im sure someones turned on their bike before putting on the slip on, but i dont wanna hack up my own if it "too" loud.

    So yeah, cut my muffler off or not?

  2. Nice :cool:

    Haven't heard one yet but would definitely like to hear it. Maybe one day I'll get round to cutting mine up.........
  3. This will be super, earsplitting loud....and will sound like s%^t, ie like a bike missing an exhaust rather than "awesome" harley sounds or whatever you are expecting

    Impressive chicken strips on the bike in pictures......someone spent more time with a black pen and a hacksaw than riding around corners
  4. "why hello officer, no no, really this is stock"

    "a defect you say?"

    "and a fine for how much?"
  5. If i were to get pulled over, i would say someone pinched my slip on, lol
  6. Take your muffler off and see what it sounds like, then you can make a decision based on your own experience.

    Also take a video and post it up so the rest of us can hear.
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    Spada exhausts are one piece welded jobs, not something you can "try" without making a mess.

    Here you go, this is what it would sound like,

  8. ah i see..
  9. Glasspack mufflers are the bestest. *nod* Cleans up the harsh high-frequencies and midrange, leaving the bassy notes mostly untouched. :)
  10. Yeah, do it! It's always been a fantasy of mine to have straight through pipes since I had my CX & now even more with the TRX!

    If you know any one with half decent welding skills you should be able to reverse it pretty easily, just make sure you make a neat cut with angle grinder.
  11. My Spada has a straight thru muffler and even with that it sounds unpleasantly loud so with no muffler at all I would find it unbearable.
    I have just started the process of adapting a muffler from a CBR250RR onto the Spada by making a pipe/flange thing that bolts to the muffler and slips onto the standard pipe at the other end. Not so sure how good it is going be given that I am fitting a muffler from a 4 cylinder bike onto a v-twin of the same capacity but it won't cost much and is worth a try. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of performance for a more subtle exhaust note.
    If anyone is interested I will let them know how it works - should have it done in the next couple of weeks.
  12. Definitely mate. Keep us posted :wink:
  13. I did take the angle grinder to my Spada's exhaust to fit the CBR250RR muffler. I started it up with only a 2 inch pipe sticking out the side and it was bloody loud - I decided against taking it for a ride like that.
    I had had some pipe bent up and flared at one end - the angles were not as I had asked so it hasn't turned out quite as I had envisaged. I made a flange from 5 mm plate to bolt to the muffler (3 mm would probably suffice and be easier to fabricate). I welded the pipe into the flange and with a $6.65 crush washer from the Honda dealer that seals the flange to muffler joint and a clamp on the flared end, it all went together. I just used a 25 x 1 mm ali strap around the muffler.
    The sound is good, not fantastic but much better than the straight thru one I had on before and I cannot feel any difference in performance.
    The CBR muffler cost me $90 from a wrecker so this is an economical alternative for the Spada.

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