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Anyone hear Harold Scruby on ABC702AM this morning ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. yeah, yeah . . I enjoy my ABC 702AM on the drive to work !! :grin:

    But Harold Scruby was on it this morning raising the issue that not a single Sydney Buses driver has recieved a traffic fine in 6years or something ! :shock:

    Anyway, when I heard Harold's name, it reminded me of the flack he gets here on NR from gegvasco !

    Next thing you know it, the announcer - Adam Spencer reads out an SMS from a guy called Greg saying its all typical Scruby sensationalism !!

    coincidence ??? . . or was Gregg on the warpath ???
  2. If so, I'll buy him a beer next opportunity.

    Scruby is a manipulative, sensationalist zealot at war with common sense.

    He should be executed.
  3. What I want to know is why nobody has done any creative editing of his wikipedia page? :LOL:
  4. I was listening to this this morning in the kitchen with my GF's very catholic parents, and suggested that he should go cut his wrists.

    Needless to say it didn't go down very well :D

    I hate harold scruby
  5. Just tell them if he cut his wrists with the same lack of focus and accuracy he applies to everything else he'd be in no danger of suicide. ;)