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NSW Anyone heading to SMSP on 19th of Dec?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edward_m, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Hi there Netriders,

    I am going to do my first track day on the 19th of December.

    I don't yet have a transport option and was wondering heading that direction from around the northern suburbs?

    I am of course happy reimburse you for your tolls, petrol and inconvenience :)



  2. edward_medward_m - I know myself and icemakericemaker are going on the 19th. I'm from Rouse Hill area and unfortunately have my ute full with my gear. Pop in tomorrow (we are 6 from Netrider in garage 42). Maybe someone knows someone that can help.

    Worst case - I used to go to a few riding myself with a topbox crammed full of stuff.
  3. Just ride there, you dont need that much stuff.
    You can get away with just taking some basic tools. You can buy food and drinks (weakly mixed gatorade is provided free) and they have a full work shop with air pump for tyre pressures.
    I ride up from Wollongong everytime I go and take my US20 Kreiga and I have everything I need.

    George, unfortunately Im not booked in for the 19th, never was. Sorry mate your gonna have to hang out with Nigel for the day
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  4. My first ever dislike of a post. Will that convince you to book for the 19th icemakericemaker !
  5. You should be ashamed of yourself......how could you.......

    Ill think about it :D
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  6. Hmm..maybe riding there isn't as bad an option as I thought. Just have to carb load so I don't have to buy food :D

    Can anyone just go to the garages when track days are on?
  7. I've had to cancel and not in on the 19th but Lozza is.

    Best we start making plans for the next 6 months and start booking.
  8. On track days, spectators are free.