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Anyone Have Prescription Wrap Around Sunnies?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have any prescription wrap around sunnies that they wear?

    Did you have any issues with them or have the "fish bowl" effect?
  2. I had them as a kid as I've been pretty much blind since 10, hated them. Always have to have two pairs of glasses and didn't enjoy the feel of them.

    Now I wear month long contacts and have sunnies. Prefer that option, personally.
  3. I've worn prescription glasses since I was 16. And always just had 'flat faced' prescription sunnies made up.

    However, I've just got a pair of Ugly Fish Motorcycle sunnies done with my prescription, and am having a little trouble adjusting to the wrap around style, as it causes a little dizziness. Spoke with optomertist, and they said it will take a few days to adjust to wrap arounds.
  4. I looked at getting a pair or, more accurately, a pair of tinted, wraparound safety specs but found that the only frames on offer created large blind spots in my peripheral vision. Not what I want on a bike. So I gave it a miss.
  5. New specs usually take a warming period, your eyes need to adjust to the different angles between different lenses. I know when i switch between contacts and glasses to give my eyes a breather, there's a few hours of mild annoyance to deal with before they adjust. I get better than 20/20 with contacts and well under 20/20 with glasses. Got to give the brain a chance to get used to the difference.
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  7. @ wokwon, did it take you ny time to adjust?
  8. No more so with any new glasses. They are the same prescription as my normal glasses so I just take my normal glasses off, put my helmet on and then put the sunnies on.
  9. I find that when I put the wrap arounds on I have to close my eyes, concentrate, and force my brain to accept the distortion in my peripheral vision as 'normal' By the time I've got my gloves on I don't even notice any distortion. It's impressive how quickly the brain compensates
  10. Yeah, I'm getting more than that. Almost seems like everything, particulalry distance is slightly out of focus. Have told the optometrist that the prescirption is out, but they are saying give you eyes a few days to adjust.
  11. My bike is carburetted, so I get the warm up time as adjustment time, but really, I don't have much of an adjustment period. I've got the same sunnies in my cage and again, can swap while driving with no real adjustment. I just have to put down my burger and coffee to free up a hand to swap glasses.
  12. I think I know the effect you're taking about. I had it with one pair, turns out the technician had put the lenses in wrong the wrong sides. It was most off putting.

    But otherwise no.
  13. i have a pair of Maui Jim <-- clicky i got them from 1001 optical

    i recommend "Ho'okipa" style they are great under the lid
  14. I have a pair of Bolle sunnies with single script lenses.
    They have quite a good "wrap" & curve and I get no distortion.
    They are just like my standard glasses.

    I got them through OPSM & we spent quite a bit of time getting measurements on curvature setup etc for the lenses.
    I did have to take them back to get the lenses replaced as they had put the incorrect strength in.
    When I queried what script was in them they said they usually go +1 for sunnies (for distance). WTF??
    Maybe this is why people have issues with theirs.

    Like others have said, they told me to try them for a week & see how they go.
    When I said they were useless, they replaced the lenses with my standard script for free.
    With new lenses in my standard script the sunnies are perfect!!
  15. Used to have wrap arounds, was fine.

    What I would suggest though is get the surgery if you are eligible. Life changing, got it done 3-4 months ago. Just... amazing.