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Anyone have Motogp 6?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Any have this game yet? It was released a week early and is available at all good stores. Just before I lash out the hard earned, any reviews of it?

  2. I think it's silly if you ride bikes, have an xbox 360 and don't have moto GP 6 :)

    so, get it mate!!! :grin: When can I ride over to play it (after I get my bike that is)?
  3. lol!

    So, I'll use that as my justification!
  4. yes mate i have the game, it is very good but has some bugs- there will be a patch added soon- but to ride the bike on these tracks is great- favorite = laguna seca
  5. Hmm, I tried the demo and it was uncontrollable; TT on the old PS2 is much easier to ride.....
  6. ned - what sort of bugs are we talking about? anything major?

    ill probably be picking this up some time in the mext week or 2.. i downloaded the demo of xbox live. great game.. but i enjoyed the last one as well.
  7. Well all the bugs are only Xbox live bugs EG:- you can't talk to all the people in the room & when you get into the race some of the riders will not move off the start line, but on there screen they are racing and you will not move off the line (only happens a couple of time to a couple of people).

    also if you go to your fiends best laps times the xbox 360 freezes and you have to turn it off & on again.

    but there will be a downloadable patch soon and fix's the problems.

    IN all i think it is a good game- hornet once you get used to the control of the bike it gets great, when i first started it was like that but now i think the handling is good now.

    does anyone play Xbox live here.
  8. i have the game too.. got it first day out.. is fantastic... love it... graphics are what you expect form the 360... good to ride... havent tried live yet though as i dont subscribe to it.. but cant wait till i do ;) i picked it up day it came out.. about half an hour after it reached EB's shelves he he..... been playing it since then :) i reccomend it to anyone who likes bikes.....
  9. dude you need xbox live it is the shisnit.
  10. i know!!! been tellin the girlfriend that ;) he he... and motoGP lets you have all 4 on your split screen sign in for live!!! about time they started doing this!!!!
  11. Hmmm I bought a PS2 solely for Tourist Trophy.

    I think I will get a xbox 360 just because I saw http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/774/774360/imgs_1.html




    Videos http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/774/774360/vids_1.html

  12. great game!
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  14. Just found this thread! I have a 360 and absolutely love it! Currently up to my neck in Mech action with Chromehounds. I have MotoGP 06 abd its a great game! Its not the big leap it should be from MotoGP 2 on the Xbox which was one of the first Xbox Live games out there, but its a bloody good game to play none the less. There are issues with framerate stutter on bends which can be distracting, but it seems to occur mainly in the MotoGP races. The other modes are not so bad. Basically the issues dont take away from the game that much, and its a must have for any bike owner. 16 players online with fully customisable bike decals and leathers. I am at the stage now where I dont even buy single player games (except Oblivion, but that had to be done).
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  16. http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=315&products_id=9307& is $50 AU :) (but yeah, the region thing can interfere with some people)


    Ahh, re-reading shows:

    # Asia Version - No Region Protection
    # English Language Gameplay & In-Game Menu

    Also the other site has motogp on back order, lik-sang has it ready to ship and $4 saving :grin:
  17. Whatever happened to PC games???

    I own no console of any kind, neither Nintendo, X-BOX nor PlayStation.

    I certainly wouldn't mind getting my hands on a copy of the game, but NOOOOOOOO, it's XBOX...
  18. Just noticed this is coming out soon. Test drive unlimited




    from http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/747/747892/imgs_1.html

    looks good! :grin:
  19. if you have xbox live you can download (for free) & play the demo for test drive, you can ride a zx10r - but the bike does not handle that great - but really fast.

  20. just like real life eh? :wink: :LOL: