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Anyone have experience on the 2009 FZ1s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thegutterpoet, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. I have been riding sports bike for a fair few years now...Whilst my current beast, a devil steed 2007 Yamaha R6, is a knife on the road, razor sharp, incredible handling, seemingly able to squeeze through gaps at impossible angles and speeds, turning as effortlessly as merely glancing with my eyes where I aim to head...it is also, unfortunately the cause of ongoing back pain.

    I seem to have damaged a disc in the lower regions above the old tail bone. Which may well improve with physio or a morphine addiction, yet presently, has healed solely to a state which is bothered by any distance riding.

    What caused the problem initially was riding 700km in a three day sprint along the Great Ocean road...I returned nourished in soul but crippled in back. More recently, a 500km in days high speed pursuit in the name of Love and Romance left me yet again, rather awkward on my lower paws.

    With an increase in my desire to take long winding trips out of the city whenever I find the chance and love and play for my hellhound at home, I am close to concluding its time to move to a slightly more upright position.

    My research has led me to the FZ1S. And I am due to test ride a 2009 model with barely 9k on the clock this coming weekend.

    Does this seem potentially a good choice to move to something a little more forgiving on the body, yet still beastly enough and light enough to play with both in and out the city?

    I have read of low end power absence...yet would I really notice? And this appears to be remedied easily with a power commander?

    any advice is welcome!

  2. I test road a 2011 a few years ago when shopping for something similar. Along with the Ducati street fighter and a speed triple, amongst others. I went for the Kawasaki Z1000 as I felt it was the better bike. The Yamaha is an older design and compared to the Z1000 and speed triple, lacks bottom end and mid range. You can improve that a bit with a power commander, but it won't catch the other two. Although compared to your R6, the FZ1 will have more bottom end and mid range. The riding position will be much more relaxed than the R6.
  3. I think low end power would only be relative to other 1L bikes, really it should have more than enough torque.
    One thing is I've heard some complaints about the 2nd Gen, smaller tank and some other gripes so check out the differences.
  4. hawklordhawklord has a 2008 model and he simply loves it.

    I also test rode a 2012 FZ1N a few weeks back and also loved the handling. BTW I've got a cruiser at the moment so IF I do buy it, then there's a steep learning curve for me. :p

    BUT from what I've heard and read - they're awesome bikes.

    Have a test ride and see how you go!

    All the best...
  5. I pondered the comparison with my 07 R6...many reviews talked of the sluggish low to mid range power yet the bike is a beast. Does not feel in any way sluggish. So this fz1 may feel even more torquey down low? I am wondering of the weight increase...how much I will notice, especially with cornering and darting in between traffic whilst in motion. Yet all will be revealed on Saturday! If it feels comfortable, quick and the riding position is less motogp-esque. I will be most keen!
  6. You will notice the extra weight, and you will get used to it.
  7. Also an 2014 MT03 with 4k on the clock which may be worth a peek??? Would it be a more comfortable riding position, still wonderful fun, or far less sporty than the fz1??? And a z750??? i guess my concern with the fz1s is the weight...yet most reviews say it handles wonderfully.
  8. Coming from a R6, the MT03 may be too tame for you.

    Why don't you check out a MT07 or a MT09?

    Check out this website - Motorcycle Ergonomics but both the MT 07 and 09 are pretty good.
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    Indeed, LL, I figured it might lack the aggression of the R6 motor and even the detuned R1 furnace in the fz1...also a z1000 in nice condition 20k on the lock, within my range, yet that seems even heavier than the fz1!? Maybe I am too fixated on the weight, they are hardly cruisers!

    I am seeking as close as I can get, given what is presently available in Victoria in my price range...$6-8k, to a dream mixture of more comfortable position, aggressive power, not too heavy, dart like in the city traffic as much as glorious and monstrous on the open road for touring.
  10. The FZ1 and the Z1000 are about the same weight, Z750 is about 18kg heavier. I chose the Z1000 over the FZ1, but the choice is yours, whichever feels better.
  11. Totally biased opinion, those who know me will tell you I love Yamahas.
    Bought my FZ1S in Jan, still loving it.
    I've been on sportsbikes since the first FZR1000 in 1987, which I still own. Also still own a 1994 FZR600.
    Getting a bit older now and the long trips on sportsbikes are a bit of a chore.
    Bye bye to the 2003 R1
    Enter a XJR1300, nope too much of a V8 station wagon.
    So, I bought the FZ1, wow this is what I was looking for.
    Lacks low end grunt....it's a 1000cc four!!
    The harder you push them the better they get and comfortable for the 700klm days.
    Up to you, I love mine.
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  12. Cheers for the thoughts and advice, folks...Am I correct to assume when people mention 'lacks low end grunt' that if I find my 07 R6 a marvel with every twist of the throttle, I will likely find the same joy with the Fz1. I have never felt sluggish at low rpm, yet understand that other bikes may get out the traps a little quicker, but depends on how hard you push I suppose. I like to burst with the revs at every opportunity. So...would the torque low down be hugely different to my 07 R6?
  13. Just to throw something different in the mix, try a honda cbf1000. when I went looking for a bike a couple of years ago I test rode a couple of fz1s, a bandit, vstrom, and the honda cbf. Liked the fz1 but found around the streets and long distance when you wound it up to have some fun you really had to be on a racetrack instead.

    The honda has it all from about 3000 rpm all thru the midrange making it a ball to commute on, as well as longer trips of 3-3.5 hrs without stopping.
    Only bought in to Oz in 2008, has abs, great upright riding position and a decent tank 300ks range. Just check the honda reg/rectifier but honda did put a 7 year warranty on that part.loved the bike, had no back or wrist issues on it and only sold it to purchase the wife's new car.

    I enjoy my older cheaper vfr but I can't do longer rides on it.

    Cheers Ryan
  14. I don't think you will find the FZ1 wanting at all if you have no issue with the R6 power delivery.

    FWIW this is the premier FZ1 forum. Plenty of advice on modding,etc. Ivanizing an FZ1 is a very common mod.

    FZ1OA Message Board

    I have been a member since 2003. I owned a gen 1 FZ1 and put 75000 trouble free klms on her before trading it in for a 2009 R1. I still miss it!
  15. I love my FZ1. It is a decent commuter and a brilliant tourer. Covered 600km yesterday on day 1 of a 3000km trip.
    If you weigh more than 75kg you will want to play with the suspension. You mal also want to get a Yamaha Comfort seat or similar.
    Tooled up for long distance travel:
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  16. Who cares about low end power. Dont lug the motor and you wont have an issue.
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  17. Don't think you would have any problems with low to mid range torque on the FZ1 coming from an R6 however comparing it to similar bikes in its class it probably is lacking, which is why I avoided it.
    If you want a stupidly fun bike test a Z1000 (a bit biased) but its not a touring bike and if you plan on doing regular 500 - 700km trips there are more practical options available.
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  18. My first road bike is a 2007 FZ1N which i got last November with about 20 000 k's on it, Hve been riding on dirt for many years.

    Mine came with a power commander and full after market pipe, etc etc.

    It doesn't lack anything anywhere. easy around town down low and plenty torque if u want to crack it changing lanes etc..

    Once u give it some its a whole new beast, as you expect from litre motors, handle very well.

    With getting any new bikes, see how it feels, I looked at an MT09 and the ergos felt a little cramped for me.
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  19. I seem to be focused, after all the wonderful advice above, on still the 2009 FZ1n (with 9k on the clock)...although it seems that to really find its beastly joy across the rev range I will need a power commander? yet maybe I will adore it in its naturally mapped state!?

    other than the fz1n there is a 2008 z1000 with 22k on the clock which is tempting to test ride and only a little more expensive, yet it looks more bulky.

    Brilliant input from all above. Many thanks indeed.
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