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Anyone have advice for a job interview??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Master.D., Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, got an interview tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell!!

    I know the basics like eye contact and confident body language etc, but does anyone have any tips for me?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yep, be yourself. If you can't get the job as yourself, you're not going to enjoy it much.
  3. Depends what sort of job it is.


    Be prepared for the "where do you want to be in 5 years?" and "do you think of yourself as an orange or a pizza?" type crap if it is done through HR.

    I once got a job as a salesman because the HR person hated the Sales Manager who was in on the interview. When the SM asked "where do you want to be in 5 years?" I replied "In your chair". He patronisingly said "Listen son, it will take you 15 years to get where I am", to which I replied "I don't think it is a good idea to underestimate people and judge them by your own limitations". Got the job, despite not really wanting it.

    Loz is on the money. Be yourself.
  4. Ware your underware inside your pants.
  5. DO have a set of relevant questions prepared. Write them down and take them with you. Stuff like who you will report to, if there are annual performance reviews, company policy on various issues, what personal qualities are required in the job, opportunities for advancement. NOT stuff like holidays, RDOs.

    Be pro-active and ask them whenever an opportunity arises. Most interviewers love that, as long as your questions are clear, simple and easy to answer (don't make them vague). I've found that actually taking notes of the answers (quickly, after listening intently) was well received.

    Also, prepare and memorise answers to questions like "What qualities can you bring to the organisation?" and "What are your long term career goals?", which many people tend to stumble over.

    Doing this helps you get a degree of control over the process, makes you less nervous, and usually impresses people.

    Best o' luck.
  6. Thanks guys,

    The job is at Fitness First in Richmond as a membership consultant. Basically I will be conversing with potential members and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and showing them around the facility. Already had an inteview on the phone and she asked questions like.. "why did you pick us?", "what can you bring to this team?", "how do you deal with stress?", "why did you leave your last job?", "what does this have to do with what you want to do when you're older". She woke me with her call so I was a little out of it, but I think I answered really well (especially considering her reaction to my answers).

    And yea, the interview is with HR so I'm guessing I will get asked some weird stuff.. gonna study some answers and the like.

    I reckon I will take in a notepad and pen and jot stuff down.. yes/no?
  7. Yea definitely going to be myself. For this particular job I think it's my personally that will get me the job. I have a natural tendency to be nice and enthusiastic without being too serious or strict unless it is needed. I always thrive off of interaction with people and thusly my performance and results bloom off of it.
  8. Whetever the job, wear a suit.
  9. I have had very diferent advise on this subject, and gotten feedback to the contrary.
    If you know how people dress the job, just dress that little bit "finer" is better advice.
    So if it is a business shirt environment, yep ware a suit. But if it is a casual environment ware a shirt and tie (No jacket) if it is a blue collar environement, dump the tie. for example, as an employer if you are employing someone to spend there life under tractors a freshly drycleaned suit just sugests there is a very diferent headspace than the job.
  10. +1 to all above, especially the suit! (and clean shoes...my pet hate, dirty ones).

    Most companies used " situation based" interviews, and will ask;

    "tell us what would do if "this" happened" and will then give a relevant example.

    Have some answers prepared in the following format:

    I was doing (whatever you)
    I noticed that "x" hadnt been done, so I worked 69 hours extra and did "x".
    The project worked, and we all got bonuses.
  11. Don't forget to tell them that they should employ you because.................
  12. Dude, don't worry about it. Fitness First, being the gym equivalent of McDonalds, can't hold onto staff. There's a good reason for it too. If you're not a complete psycho and you have your cert III minimum quals, then you're a shoe-in.

    I would ask you a question - Why the hell are you thinking of working for the evil empire? Are you trying to start a PT career? Believe me, working for the trainer farm is not an easy ticket into the business.
  13. Don't be late. :)
  14. All the best, mate
  15. know stuff about the company, in your case why is richmond diff to the other fitness firsts?
  16. That'd go down real well for a builder's labourer. :LOL:

    I wore cargo pants and t-shirt to my last interview and jot the job. For those that can't afford to buy a suit (I only go tmy 1st suit 2 weeks ago) just wear the highest standard of dress you could be possibly expected to wear on the job. In this case, slacks and a nice shirt. :)

    Go in, be confident, happy and appear interested in what they have to say. Ask relevent questions and try not to swear.

    Also, don't go apeshit at people for taking your park when you get there. It could be the interviewer that you're abusing. :)
  17. Ahhh, that's the one at Victoria Gardens shopping centre I believe.

    Good luck bud.
  18. Never wore a suit to a job interview, only every had 3 and got all 3. But maybe they we to perplexed by my guns. :LOL:

    Just be cool, I know a few people who work at FF actually one worked at Vic Gardens. and they are all dead shits. So you'll be fine.
  19. Don't scratch your nuts.

    Hope this helps.
  20. Yes, good point - but tell the interviewer how itchy they are. Employers like to know how well you handle discomfort.