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Anyone have access to NSW blue slip inspection criteria?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 4lex, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking of buying a bike which ran out of rego six months ago, but don't really have much of a clue as to what's covered in the blue slip inspection. Does anyone have a list of the criteria?


  2. I can't remember the exact criteria, but it's pretty leniant.

    Not much more then a car pink slip.

    Keep in mind that car blue slip places do not neccessarily do bike pink slips. This is despite what some the phone attendants at the RTA will tell you.

    What suburb are you in?
  3. /hijack

    Whats the requirments for a 1963 BSA ?

    surely not the same as a modern bike ?
    Do they even test brakes ?

  4. I think it is the same. I can't remember any special treatment for my old Laverda.

    They don't test brakes.

    Just lights, indicator, exhaust smoke etc
  5. I just got my bike blue slipped and it was so easy. They just checked the engine number and that all the horn, lights and indicators worked and that was it. Anyone that can do a blue slip for a car can do one for a bike, if they say they can't they are lying and just don't want to do it.
  6. I'm in Waverley. Guess Bondi Junction will be the closest, unless anyone can recommend otherwise?

    The bike i'm thinking of has smashed fairings, so they'll have to come off, I understand they only have to be whole if they're actually present.
  7. Here's the steps:

    Step 1 - spend an hour on the phone trying to find a place that does them after the RTA listed mechanic said the RTA was wrong - they didn't do them and had no idea who did.
    Step 2 - organise pain in the ass inspection time including organising time off work.
    Step 3 - have a near miss on the way to the mechanic due to Murphy making some 50 year old woman driving a Volvo with her yappy little dog in her lap try to splatter you all over the road
    Step 4 - wait all day for the promised phone call saying the bike was ready
    Step 5 - ring the mechanic to chase up the promised phone call only to be told "Oh, that was ready 4 hours ago"
    Step 6 - Pay Bob Carr coffee money/baksish(ie. inspection fee) for the inspection
    Step 7 - Go to the RTA to get the rego upon which you find out the green slip has one digit wrong on the engine number compared to the blue slip.
    Step 8 - rush to the insurance office round the corner just before it shuts to get the green slip re-issued
    Step 9 - Run even faster back to the RTA office to complete the rego before it shuts because you have already surrendered your previous rego slip and plates.

    Sound like a nightmare? Everything above is a true account of my adventures trying to change my rego from SA to NSW.
  8. Step 9a - go back to the bike and remove the existing number plate
    9b - go back to the rta and hand over the perfectly good plate, only to be handed a diferent plate, which you then need to remount to the bike before riding home.
  9. Ah, yeah. Forgot about that bit. Luckily I had a good drill handy and drilled some new holes in the number plate.