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Anyone have a Yamaha Zeal?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dustfp, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. I'm either horribly blind or my bike is missing the locking mechanism for the pillion seat.
    I'm hoping someone is able to take a picture of the lock and where it is on the bike. If I know where is should be, at least I might be able to work out a way to get it open without.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Google answers this, it's a commonly asked question it seems
  3. maybe my google-fu is off, but I've had no luck finding information. Any chance of pointing me in the right direction?
  4. [MENTION=15469]Anto[/MENTION] has a zeal, maybe if you ask nicely he might sell you the whole bike, but he does love his baby
  5. Yeah this had me fooled for a while, the helmet lock doubles as the pillion seat lock as well - it's on the left hand side of the bike under the seat.

    As in the Perth Streetbikes thread the other trick is to push down on the pillion seat to release spring tension on the lock as you turn the key - the complete opposite of what the manual tells you to do, thanks a lot for that Yamaha - took me two weeks to work that one out.

    If the helmet lock on your Zeal is missing, can't help ya!
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately, those lack actual pictures (the netrider one has a dead link). That's why I'm hoping someone who owns one will be able to provide a photo.

    I can't actually see a helmet lock, which is what leads me to assume it's just missing :p
  7. Did you receive a user manual with the bike? Page 3-10 has a picture with instructions.

    Here's a big picture of the Zeal. Also, in the image below, the lock is located where the helmet has been secured to:

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  8. Got the user manual but the pictures are REALLY poor, as if it were a photocopy, though otherwise it looks like an original manual in every way. I really can't gather much at all from them.

    Ah, that picture certainly helps. Definitely confirms that it IS missing on my bike. Oh well, will need to find some time to visit a wreckers.
    Thanks Alexanderino.
  9. I'll post a pic tonight dusty. In the meantime you can sort of see it in the user manual here on page 27.


    This is from the Zealous site, a Kiwi Zeal rider, who used to be and perhaps still is on netrider. Has manuals, torque guides etc. https://sites.google.com/site/yamahafzx250zeal/home

    EDIT oh Alexanderino has posted it.
  10. Forgot to post a pic

    forgot to post that pic... did you get the issue sorted yet Dustman?
  11. [​IMG]

    I believe Cash N Co wreckers in St Marys have recently stripped a Zeal, contact them on (02) 9623 3699.

    Hope this helps.


    - Zealous
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  12. oh wow, awesome pics Zealous, thanks heaps! :D
    I'll definitely give them a call
  13. Just note sometimes i know with mine it gets a little stuck to release.. Ususally pushing down on the back part of the seat while turning the key will release it...