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Anyone have a trailer / ute?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I need me and my sick bike transported 5km to the dealer so it can be serviced.
    Prefer to be done first thing saturday 12/02 morning at the latest (8am)

    VTR250, Western Sydney area.

    I do not own any tie down cables or straps.

    Case of beer in it for you (your choice) or cash if you prefer.
  2. thanks tiprat.
  3. all good for saturday ,7 15 am pick up good for me. i need to be in st marys by 9 am ..
  4. Good luck with it Mav, if u need a hand hauling it up the trailer/ute im always a couple of blocks away.
  5. no worries guys thanks for the offers of assistance.

    managed to kick the biatch into life yesterday arvo so i jumped on in full squid gear and hurriedly rode her up to the dealer workshop.

    they might actually start on it today which means ill get it back sooner
  6. Nice. Any ideas on the issue/cost? hopefully its a simply fix.
  7. prob around the $300+ mark considering it's a general service + problem fix

    simple fix would be great but i'm not holding my breath

    how's barney?
  8. tasty lol j/k.

    Barney's great trying to tech him more tricks, he now knows "sit", "shake hands", "lie on the ground". I wonder if I could train him to be a sniffer dog, maybe score myself some free gear lol.
  9. oh believe me mate, he already is a sniffer dog. that was quite a welcome last time i visited.