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Anyone have a Daytona 675 in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nnila, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Anyone in Melbourne area have a Daytona 675?
    I just took mine for its Roadworthy and it failed because my tail tidy is a custom one and not the 'factory unit' so the lights aren't 30cm apart and the angle of the unit isn't 45* from the end of the swing arm.

    I basically need to put a tail tidy that STRICTLY meets Australian requirements while it passes this. Hoping someone has the factory one floating around or something they can lend me for a week or two (happy to donate to beer fund in exchange).

    REALLY appreciate any help,


  2. Justus I dont think you are right about it needing to be OEM..

    several people i know are getting roadworthies with these on bikes with custom tails etc (indicators still need to be spaced to 240mm)

    and one has even had a defect cleared by having it wingnuted to the back of the plate to allow him to remove it quickly in the carpark after the it was cleared.

    mine cost me $25, the seller of a friends new bike got stung and they charged him $40.
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    missed my point.....

    what I'm saying is he doesnt need a "OEM rear fender" and he should be able to get away with a $25 dollar piece of plastic with a reflector bolted to his current tail tidy.

    No 675. but would a 848 evo that originally failed with a tailtidy and then managed to pass with the only change being the above bolted to the plate in the last week be close enough? or we just going to argue semantics.

    To the OP . If you can find a cheap oem fender grab it. but if you arent able to find one it is possible to make the bike meet the requirements without using one ( 45 degrees from rear axle/ends at the rear most part of the tyre, indicator spacing is 240mm, decent red reflector & has a plate light)
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    All I want is whatever is necessary to make it pass - the use of the words 'Tail Tidy' was probably a poor choice I just didn't know the correct name for the rear number plate bracket.

    I said OEM just because I figured it is what was needed to make it pass but happy to use anything else that will do the job.

    The spacing for the indicators has to be 300mm not 250mm.

    With regards to that piece displayed above - any link for where I could get it or its name?

  5. Nila. it's rdevil from the other Daytona forum. I've got some of the standard stuff still in my shed. How much of it do you need mate? I think I have all the stuff including the black plastic stuff. How much did you remove.

    Guys I've known nila for a few years now. Top person excellent rider. I'm sure we can all help put.
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  6. Hey hey mate :)
    Good to see ya over here. Where about you based right now? UK or Oz?
    It's an insane rip over here - one scrap yard wanted $250 for the tail end unit including the lights - I could barely give mine away over there!
    I dont want to be paying a ton for this as its coming off the minute I pass the road worthy and I'll be putting something non parachute like on the back of it.
  7. In Aus mate. South Australia. What parts do you actually need? I've got the plastics including the reflector. Plus I believe the minimum ADR distance for indicators is 280mm
  8. Nice one :)
    I need the whole rear end piece.
    Basically I failed on:
    - Rear blinkers are too close together (minimum of 300mm apart & no more than 350mm)
    - Tailpeice is missing (45 degree angle from Axle)
    - Number plate light not compliant (too small)
    - Indicators in the tail/light are illegal

    So basically I need the full rear unit, including reflector and number plate light too if you have it. If you got some old sloppy indicators lying around I can wire into it too then great. I can send the whole lot back no problem once I've passed all these stupid bits of red tape.

    I can disconnect the integrated tail light to fix that easily enough.
  9. Speedy has a complete oem license plate frame for $65aud delivered. He does well to get stuff here quick

    I've got the plastic and also I think I have a couple led indicators that are legal size. Won't be able to see until Thursday though am working away. Where did you end up moving to nila?
  10. I'm in Melbourne, living over by Albert park. All my shipment of things finally cleared customs/quarantine on Friday last week so I got to collect the bike.

    Funniest day ever - got a phone call from the delivery guy asking me if I'd be able to get the motorbike down from the back of his truck.
    I told him presumably he'd just wheel it off
    "no, its still in the crate and I have no ramp or lift, can you lift it off?"
    "um, no mate I cant, its a motorbike!"
    "So you got no way of lifting it off then because I dont know how you plan to get this then."

    He ended up taking it to h is depot, they used a fork lift to get it off then I got a taxi over there that night to smash up the create and then just ride it home praying I didn't bump into any cops!

    What a polava.

    Where abouts are you south coast?
  11. A couple hours from the south coast. Would make a good ride to meet up. Am planning a Great ocean road ride with a couple guys from work could work something out to meet up
  12. Hey that sounds awesome :) I'd love a good ride out once I've got this thing legal and I was thinking to do a few Great Ocean Road trips - its gorgeous :)

    So is this roughly what you've got then:

    If so thats pretty damn close to what I need and I can just bolt on those indicators you said and then I think I'm pretty much good to go for my retest and getting it going!
  13. Na don't have all the steel parts or light. Speedy has one for cheaper than that like I said $65 delivered. Might need to spend a little. But if thats the worst you need you've done alright because Vic is a pain in the arse for bikes
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  15. I'd go the second one that includes the number plate light. Stock indicators from him are Bugger all as well
  16. I'm just going off what a friend got from vicroads and has been working for us.

    "E mark is no longer needed in vic 240mm between centres for rear 300 for front . Must be visable from 30 M for indicators"
  17. Hi Guys,
    From what I've managed to find out - the above little plastic thing with the reflector on it should be able to get me past my road worthy.

    Can anyone tell me what its called or where I can get it from?

    In order to get my motorbike past a roadworthy I need a plastic mud/tail guard that reaches down low enough to end at 45* from the end of my swing arm.

    I'm based in Melbourne CBD.

    Can anyone tell me anything they've used to achieve this or anywhere locally to Melbourne that sells something I can use.
    I have to get the bike in for a re-test and need to extend down low enough for it to pass.

  18. Have you try going to a wrecker and get a rear fender from a wrecked daytona?
  19. Yeah I've called around tons - Triumphs aren't that common over here. One person wanted $250 for the tail unit used - think he was on crack and REALLY thought he could take advantage of the rip off prices around Oz.
  20. You want it... He's got it... supply and demand.

    If it were me i'd buy it and keep it in the shed for getting past rego or defects.

    Alternatively go to an acrylic/plastics workshop/store and get some thing cut and bent to size then engineer a method for mounting it to the bike or what ever is left of the fender.... you will probably end up spending $250 or more, and if it is too bodgy it won't pass anyway.