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Anyone have a Corbin Seat? Is it really worth the $$$

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RedNinja, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with Corbin seats? Are they worth the money? Do they really stop the dreaded sore butt?

    Is there anyone in Australia that makes a custom seat that's worth a look instead?

    Been throwing this seat idea round for a few bikes, now I have my keeper I'm more serious. Anyone, anythoughts? :?:
  2. I've got one and it is an improvement on the stock standard seat in my case.
    Ducati has altered the seat in recent years so its probably less necessary, but my original seat was slightly angle forward, so there was a degree to which you were riding on your nuts. The Corbin alternative is more horizontal and more comfortable. I should add that Ducati themselves offer a range of less (for those with shorter legs) and more thick (for touring) after market seats nowadays.
  3. DIY comfy seat - eat chocolate :LOL:
  4. Dark, of course.
  5. :cry: I think this is the whol ereason why my butt gets sore, because I stopped eating evil things....
  6. medicinal reasons only... gotta keep up those antioxidants...wouldn't want to rust now would i?? :grin:
  7. Phanoongy had a Corbin on his CBR600F, and swore by it.
  8. RN, have you considered a lambswool seat cover? :LOL:
  9. I have one of these seats for a few years

    He had my seat back to me in a week by Aust Post.
    It's a great seat. 90,000km in the last 3 years.
  10. Had my seat restuffed by a guy David in Seaholme and it was a vast improvement on the original kwacka plank.
  11. Absolutely not. :grin:
  12. Please don't mention the "L" word again....
  13. :?: Phanoongy what did you pay second hand??

    I have found one, but I am not sure if it's a good price. :?:
  14. Friend of mind recently bought a 2nd hand Corbin for his FireStorm. Paid $400 & it's as good as new. We did a swapsie so I could check it out & I was pretty impressed. He regularly does Toowoomba to Melbourne in one hit, so he's more than qualified to comment :cool: .
  15. mine was about $180 and was as good as new too!
  16. I take my hat off to this guy; he certainly has more starch in his pants than me.
  17. Corbin seats: I have a solo Corbin on the Ducati, was not cheap, I did not pay for it luckily. I find the original seat the better of the two.
    Like a previous poster already mentioned, any old time long-rider will tell you...invest in a lambswool seat cover.
    There are now gel seat covers on the market also.
    Airhawk in the USA make something similar I believe, but with air not gel.
    Any good motor up-holsterer will be able to change the padding in your seat. Change the thickness, the type of foam etc etc.
  18. A mate of mine has a Corbin seat on his CBR Blackbird, and he is constantly telling me how good it is. I have ridden his bike with it on and personally do not think they are worth the money and I think the stock seats look much better.

    I have also been told to be careful with the gel style seats, apparently when these seats are left out in the sun the gel heats up enough to burn your arse!