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Anyone have a Bell RS-1 helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by betterloudthantoolate, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. I have a few questions about the helmet...

    Specifically the visor latch, it has 3 positions, locked, open and cracked, i was wondering if anybody notices that in the cracked position it barely pushes the visor up at all..

    The part of the latch that is meant to do it seems to push up along the inside of the visor instead, which rather than push it up, sort of pushes it out on the left side, resulting in only about 2 or 3 millimetres of space opening up on the left side and as you go around to the right side, that space gets less and less until it is almost completely closed...

    I'm certain i have put the visor on correctly, i mean there isn't really much to it, it's all clicked in and the little plastic runner bit is snapped inside the plastic channel bit that it runs up and down.

    Here are some pics (sorry about the camera phone quality) :

    Sideways, visor down and latch unlocked

    Sideways with latch in cracked position

    Front left side in cracked position (You can sort of see here how it pushes the visor out rather than up)

    Front right side in cracked position

    This doesn't seem normal, i watched a review of this helmet from Revzilla and when he puts it into cracked position it seems to open in a much more accurate way. If i use my thumb to push in the black plastic bit on the left side of the visor, while i flip that latch into cracked, it opens like it should, so it seems like the visor is a few milimetres too wide or something and so the latch just naturally goes inside it rather than pushing it upwards...

    Is this normal or some kind of defect?
  2. I have the Bell Star and it does the same thing. It only cracks about ½ the visor. Never noticed till you mentioned it. But it still lets plenty of air in whilst moving preventing any fogging.
  3. I can confirm this is the behavior on a new Bell RS-1 helmet. One can only assume that his helmet could have the visor on incorrectly or it's just so worn out being a demo unit.

    If you take a close look at the micro hinges, the force needed to bring up the visor on both sides would require 2 little doodads on either side.

    See here:

    Watch from about the 5th minute onward

    I think it's a good feature, a uniform open crack would be too much air and would be easier to just implement a lower first notch.

    Hope this helps.
  4. So are you saying the one in the video doesnt crack uniform because it is a demo model and the visor lifts more easily? Or my one is a demo model? lol, sorry i'm just confused on the wording

    Also thanks for that video review, i didn't see that one, it's very thorough, although 2 questions, his has a Snell sticker inside under the padding, mine doesn't, is that just a difference on the American one maybe?

    And i notice his Medium size one says '11' on the sticker, mine says '12' but is also a Medium, i'm just wondering what those numbers are? Something to do with size?
  5. Mine is exactly like yours & the 2nd video, it only cracks open on one side. :)
  6. My RS-1 operates in the same way. I've had mine for a few months now and I'm yet to use the cracked position, but winter time could be a different story. I also have all the vents closed because there's enough air flow coming from under the chin guard.
  7. Cheers guys, thanks for the help

    Any idea what that sticker with the number on it means?
  8. You mean the silver round sticker with a 12 in the middle...It's the year it was manufactured.
  9. Ah ok, cheers, that makes sense

  10. Do you guys find that the chin curtain doesn't easily sit under your chin, but is closer to being right underneath/up against the front of your chin, kind of under your bottom lip?

    Maybe it's just my face, i might just take the chin curtain out, i was just slightly worried my chin should be higher up in the helmet or something
  11. Try this...put your helmet on, then open your visor, grab the front of the helmet at the breath guard and push it down so that the chin curtain is just touching the bottom of your chin....that's the helmet should be worn.